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Full version of this map included in Odell Planning & Research Report (link)

College Site Study Recommends Existing Location, Seeks Feedback

OAKHURST – After looking at a total of ten locations as potential sites for the $25-million Oakhurst Community College Center (OCCC), the initial recommendation from a local consultant was that the existing site be used to build a new college center (see below).

In June 2016 voters approved Bond Measure C, State Center Community College’s capital improvement bond. Not long after it passed, community outreach began, with representatives of the State Center Community College District (SCCCD) holding a series of public meetings, and a committee formed to oversee the distribution of some $485 million for facilities construction and expansion. Oakhurst is expected to receive about $25 million from that bond.

Now, OCCC will host a community feedback forum for residents interested in learning more about and providing feedback to the Oakhurst Site Selection Study. The 26-page study can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here: Oakhurst Site Selection Study (PDF).

The Oakhurst Site Selection Study was performed by Odell Planning & Research of Oakhurst, a consultant of the State Center Community District, for the purpose of site review and evaluation.

From the Executive Summary of the Oakhurst Site Selection Study:

A total of ten sites were evaluated in this site selection study (originally eleven but Sites 2 and 3 were combined). The sites were submitted through a process open to the community where anyone, including property owners and the general public, could submit sites for consideration. All sites were thoroughly researched and evaluated by the consultant and SCCCD Working Group based on site selection criteria developed by the Working Group, which reflected the results of student surveys and community input. The 10 sites were narrowed down to four sites thought to best meet the site selection criteria. These four sites then underwent a detailed comparative analysis to determine a recommended ranking.

Based on the analysis in this site selection study, Site 1 (existing site) is recommended as the preferred site, followed by Sites 2/3 (Highway 41 north of Mid-Town Connector) and 10 (Road 426/Sierra Way) equal, and then Site 5 (Westlake Drive north of Highway 49). Site 1 is served by existing utilities, transit, and street access. It has high visibility to the community and is the closest to the center of town with good terrain. It also has the added benefit of proximity to the community park.

Sites 2/3 and 10 are roughly equal with different benefits and drawbacks. Both are highly visible with adjacent or nearby utilities and transit. Both have the potential for good street access; Site 2/3 once the planned Mid-Town Connector is complete, and Site 10 with a signal installed at Road 426 and Sierra Way. Site 2/3 has terrain challenges and is further from the center of town. Site 10 has flat terrain, and is closer to the center of town, but at only six acres, the site is smaller than ideal. However, it could work depending on design of the campus, and with the potential for acquiring an adjacent one-acre parcel.

Site 5 has good terrain, is approved for on-site sewage disposal, and has water to the property. However, the site is the farthest distance to center of Oakhurst, has less community visibility and is accessible by only a single access point (Westlake Drive). — Odell Planning & Research

The community feedback forum will take place Thursday, September 21 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Oakhurst Community Center located at 39800 Road 425B in Oakhurst.  All community members are welcome to attend.  For proper planning, college officials ask attendees to RSVP by Wednesday, Sept. 20 to (559) 675.4874.

If anyone is unable to attend the feedback forum, but would still like to give feedback for the Site Selection Study, they can do so online by taking this survey. Participants are asked to complete the survey after they have read and are familiar with the Site Selection Study.

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