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Class, The Body Pastiche, Closing Soon For Good

Class - Virginia Eaton - photo by Virginia LazarOAKHURST — Members of the local wellness center Class, the Body Pastiche, opened their emails on Saturday, Oct. 29 to news that was both unexpected and unwanted, as owner Virginia Eaton announced the doors will close for good in less than a month.

“I have some news to share with you and while I wish I could share it with you all personally face-to-face, I also felt that I needed to inform everyone at the same time,” Virginia wrote.

“Fourteen months ago I launched my dream of helping my community live healthier, more vibrant and longer lives by creating Class, The Body Pastiche. Unfortunately, the interest and participation has been limited and I’m now forced to abandon my dream as Class can no longer sustain the monetary losses it has consistently experienced this past year. It is with incredible regret I have to announce that Class will close its doors as of Nov. 23, 2016 at noon.”

Virginia notes the anguish of the decision to shut down the location that has become a second home for many.

Class photo for article - courtesy Virginia Eaton“For those who know me and have come to understand the concept and purpose of Class, The Body Pastiche, you must also know that this is beyond difficult for me. It was a dream that, perhaps, didn’t quite come true but has offered me the challenge to assist and encourage those who found it valuable.”

Virginia’s long-time friend Glenn Raggio designed the studio, and expresses regret that her dream, while coming to fruition, has not been sustained.

“Class had all the elements of humanity, heart, fun, ambiance, information and an altruistic owner who ignored the math, instead aiming consistently at bettering the human condition,” says Glenn, citing measures including free balance assessment classes for seniors.

Glenn RaggioFor instance, Glenn quotes Virginia saying, “Falling in your later years can lead to death; I’m not charging these people — some things just have to be free.”

The classes were fun and interesting, Glenn continues, appreciating the “great instructors invested in their classes. Decades, an exercise class based on the songs and dances of 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s became a favorite. Just how cool is it to visit a dance class that revives nostalgia and gets you fit? Justina Rose brought it to life. Also top-notch favorites were Pilates, Tammy’s Barre Class, Kim’s aerobic magic, Dave’s chair yoga, Lisa, JP and Jessie’s healing yoga.”

It’s a big blow, not only to those behind the scenes at Class, but also to the community at large. Despite the setback, though, Virginia remains upbeat and is staying focused on the success she has enjoyed by giving.

“This past year has been my proudest step forward, and for those who have appreciated Class, I want to thank and hug every one of you before the door closes. You ‘got it,’ and it has made me proud to see the understanding and appreciation in each and everyone of you!”

Virginia acknowledged her Longevity Members, especially.

dave-caris-chair-yoga-feet-and-balls-sept-2016-kellie-flanagan“The Longevity Program was the foundation for creating Class: to assist people in gaining insight into how to live longer, healthier lives. It was my mantra and my purpose. The classes and the workshops all received good reviews, but it was the coaching that sustained me and I think elevated Class the most.”

Glenn points out that Virginia’s passion has been in coaching, all along.

“The instruction and information on how to improve your chances to live longer, better, healthier: longevity! She invented ‘Cross Coaching,’ a method by which the latest science could be incorporated into traditional methods of health care, including stress, sleep, habits and how one deals with the entire combination of influences!”

Virginia is committed to the notion that no two people are the same, and one plan might work for one person but not another.

Virginia Eaton Sept 3 2016 golfing cropped“She debunked the ‘fad’ diets and introduced a way of eating that worked naturally and one that does not require you ‘buy it” again and again,” says Glenn. “Her Longevity Memberships actually began to increase of late. Alas, the Basic Membership which never really increased enough to support even the classes finally swept a dream aside. She had a smile for everyone as they came in and left, and that is why most talked of Class as their ‘second home’ because it was comfortable, it was a place to trust and the woman who ran it made you feel… well, like you counted!”

Virginia’s blogs have appeared regularly on Sierra News Online, and will continue through November when she then takes a well-deserved break (and we’ll run some favorites) before resuming the timely and instrumental articles in January.

Automatic payments to Class have been terminated as of the closing date and the last payment will be prorated.

With characteristic positivity and professionalism, Virginia has one more thing to say to her clientele, many of whom are friends.

“Stay the course and hear my voice when you need encouragement moving forward!”

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