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Chuck And Roz Thrapp Named North Fork Citizens Of The Year

NORTH FORK – For the 40th year running, North Fork has chosen its Citizen of the Year, with the 2018 honor going to Chuck and Roz Thrapp.

“We moved here over 40 years ago to raise our family,” said Roz, who was surrounded by children and grandchildren during last night’s celebration at the Town Hall. “We love North Fork; this has become our Camelot.”

The “everywhere couple” has been involved in the community since their arrival, always lending a hand or taking on leadership roles to get things done.

Tom Burdette, Chuck and Roz Thrapp, Tom Wheeler

Roz was nominated for her positive impact of hundreds of students as a teacher at the North Fork School, and the thousands of hours dedicated to such local organizations as Squirrel Cage Theatre Co., the Women’s Club, the Boosters, the CDC, the Arts Council, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Children’s Educational Foundation.

Chuck has entertained for over 40 years as part of the group “Sugar Pine.” He has written dozens of songs including the local favorite “North Fork” – always a hit at school events and community gatherings. Chuck volunteers at the Loggers Jamboree and has participated in Squirrel Cage for over four decades.

Roz and Chuck Thrapp, Roric Russell at the Griz

Chuck and Roz can be found at the Grizzly Century handing out homemade deliciousness to cyclists, and whenever anything is happening in North Fork, they are likely in the thick of things – cooking, setting up, planning, entertaining, doing whatever is needed.

“They are wonderful role models for our youth, showing them that hard work is rewarding,” said the anonymous submission for their nomination.

The Town Hall was filled with friends and family of the Thrapps and the other nominees last night as 2017 winner Tom Burdette and his crew prepared an award-worthy dinner of tri-tip, chicken, salad, baked potatoes, home-made rolls and quiche, topped off by a delicious selection of desserts by the North Fork Women’s Club.

Supervisor Tom Wheeler – a past Citizen of the Year himself, taking the honor in 1984 – was the evening’s emcee.

Other nominees for the honor were Anne Bredon, Dan Rosenberg, Gina Clugston, Christina McDonald, Ranay Lutz, Sharon Coltra, Cassandra Hepburn-Callis, and Gay Abarbanell.

As newly-minted honorees, Chuck and Roz will be tasked with organizing next year’s Citizen of the Year dinner, which will delight everyone as Roz is well known for her skills in the kitchen during such events as Squirrel Cage Theatre dinner shows.

Past winners of Citizen of the Year:

1979 Marilyn Coelho
1980 Grant Sturm
1981 Paul Barnes
1982 Jim Zizzo
1983 Bob Quick
1984 Tom Wheeler
1985 Betty Lyons
1986 Blaine Shultz
1987 Tom Hebrard
1988 Charles Coelho
1989 Tal Carter
1990 Jim and Dot Morris
1991 Elaine C. Fink
1992 Beverly Cole
1993 Paul Vining
1994 Tom Digilio
1995 Charles Harrington
1996 Lloree Knowles
1997 Mary Myers
1998 Frank Verduzco
1999 Mark and Cindy Swarts
2000 Chris Stanley
2001 Cathey Thornburg
2002 Loretta McKee
2003 Tammy Armstrong
2004 Kirk and Alice Koda
2005 Volney Dunavan
2006 Bill and Gretchen Choate
2007 Augie and Cindy Capuchino
2008 Viola Carr
2009 Dave Smith
2010 Joan Constable (aka Connie Carpenter)
2011 Vincent and Ginny Smith
2012 Hansel Kern
2013 Mark Logee
2014 Janet Wheeler
2015 Linda Gott-Maddox
2016 Al and Robyn Flory
2017 Tom Burdette

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