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CHP Mobilizes To Reduce Deadly Trend

SACRAMENTO – Motorcycles are fun and fast and easy on gas, but the number of motorcycle collisions resulting in death has increased in California recently, prompting authorities to address the problem with a year-long, lifesaving effort paid for by a federal grant.

“Motorcycle awareness is a priority for the California Highway Patrol and a key to saving lives on the roadway,” said CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow in a recent news release. “Education combined with enforcement will help reinforce the concept that all motorists need to safely share the road.”With an abundance of great riding weather for 1.3 million-plus licensed motorcyclists, California is a mecca for riders. Tragically, hundreds of motorcyclists are killed in collisions here every year and thousands are injured. According to preliminary data from the CHP, there has been nearly a 20% increase in the number of riders killed from 2010 to 2011, on the tail of a two-year decline (2008-2010) in motorcycle-involved collisions.

To reverse this deadly trend and reduce the number of crashes, the CHP has begun an intensive public awareness campaign set to run through Sept. 30, 2013.

“Without a continued focus on motorcycle safety education for all motorists, the number of motorcycle-involved collisions may continue to rise, especially as more Californians are turning to motorcycles as a means of transportation,” added Commissioner Farrow.

The campaign includes an educational component with public service announcements, social media and public outreach events, along with motorcycle safety and road-sharing presentations throughout the Eureka state.

Funding for the California Motorcycle Safety Enforcement and Education II was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Highway Safety Administration.


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