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Chores: First Weedeating Of The Season Is SO Exciting!!

The first time that I weedeat each season is a very exciting time around my house.

• I buy new fuel and mix it: Check.
• I get the weedeater off of where it has been hanging out all winter: Check. I know the folks at Woodchoppers will want to correct me and tell me that it is a “string trimmer” but old habits die hard. I call my weedeater Bertha. I think it helps her want to perform her very best.
• I take the harness off of its hang out: Check. Just in case you were wondering, I don’t have a name for the harness. That would just be silly.
• I get my ear protection off of the shelf: Check.
• I get my cool Safety Sun Glasses off of the hanger. Whoops, forgot to clean them after last year.

OK, very minor setback. I scrape off the petrified grass and they are ready to go: Check.

• I cut about 10 lengths of my weedeater cord and stick them in the lucky pocket of my jeans. It is my lucky pocket because if I tuck them into the other pocket, they tend to fall out. That is not good when I am humming along and ready to stick in another cord, reach into my pocket and there is nothing there. I then need to walk all the way back to the house and this really messes up my rhythm.
• I get my tall rubber boots out that I tuck my pants into: Check.
• I get my bandana to keep my hair kind of clean: Check.

Chores- Weedeating 2

• OK, everything is looking good. I fuel Bertha up and extend her arms.

The reason I am sharing all of this with you is because the most exciting part is about to happen. I feel that I need to do all of the above steps in a their ritualistic order in order for the next step to occur properly.

• I make sure the on-off switch is in the correct position. I want it to be on. I share this with you because there has been a time or two when Bertha would not start, despite my efforts. After exhaustive troubleshooting, it turned out that she was in the off position.
• I turn her choke on: Check.
• I pump her primer the lucky 3 times: Check.
• I hold my breath. . .
• I pull her starter. No start. Well, what do you expect when she has been sitting all winter?
• I pull her starter again. No start. Not to be unexpected. . .
• I pull here starter again and she catches but doesn’t start. I turn off the choke. I pull the starter again and old Bertha rumbles with delight that it is time to go to work. She is sure and steady, doesn’t need revving to keep going.

That is the exciting part about the first day of weedeating of the season. Will my weedeater start?

P.S. Bertha did 2 tanks of fuel her first day and performed like the champion she is! She will have many days of hard work ahead of her but I am a very happy gal today.

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  1. Minus the cool safety glasses – precisely my experience. 🙂

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