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Children's Museum Hosts Chamber Mixer

The Children’s Museum of the Sierra in Oakhurst will host the next Business After Hours Chamber Mixer on Wednesday, June 27.
The mixers are hosted by members of the Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce. This next mixer will help reacquaint local business leaders with the Children’s Museum and the “Jarrod 4 Mayor” campaign raising money for the facility.

“We recently held an open house and Kids Carnival to celebrate the museum’s 15th anniversary,” said Jarrod Lyman.

“That event was to remind our regular families about the great new programs we have at the museum this summer and to educate new families about everything we have to offer. This mixer, on the other hand, is about showing the business community how vital an asset to the community the museum is.”

The Children’s Museum has had funding difficulties this year. The tough economy combined with increased rent and operational costs have put the museum in a dire situation this year.

In recent months new programs have brought new people in to the museum though, helping to increase revenue while the Oakhurst Honorary Mayor Campaign being run by Lyman to raise money for the museum, will give an additional boost. The mixer will help show business leaders how they can partner with the museum.

“There are many reasons this museum is beneficial to our town. Every attraction, every “thing to do” helps keep locals here, as well as visitors. With the museum here, a family from out of town may be enticed to stay one day longer. That’s another night in a hotel, more meals at local restaurants. A town with museums is more attractive to families looking to relocate, meaning realtors can sell more homes.

This museum is a vital part of the community, and with business partnerships we can craft programs that will be mutually beneficial,” Lyman said.

The mixer starts at 5 pm and is free for the public to attend. Guests will be encouraged to explore the museum and have fun with the exhibits.

“It’s built for kids, but it’s a lot of fun for adults too,” said Lyman.

The museum is located at 49269 Golden Oak Drive, Suite 104, across from Western Sierra Nursery.

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