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Chawanakee’s Customized High School Experience

MOUNTAIN AREA — Educational options are changing across the nation and some of those flexible choices are being offered locally, says Chawanakee Principal Rhonda Corippo.

“Chawanakee Academy and Minarets High School have chosen to strengthen and support the option for students to customize their high school experience,” says Corippo. Through concurrent enrollment, students can now choose independent study/home school classes, and have the benefits of on-site classes and activities at Minarets High School.

“The independent study/home school program is WASC accredited and offers most of the classes of a comprehensive high school,” Corippo continues. “Both traditional and digital content are offered. Students meet with teachers regularly to review assignments and receive direct instruction and tutoring.”

Minarets High School offers electives which may include studio art, lab sciences, Ag, and media, among others. Students may select these classes as part of their customized high school schedule.

“Additionally, students participating in independent study/home school are able to participate in other activities such as CIF sports, rallies, dances, and clubs. Both high schools offer dual enrollment options for students to earn college credits while fulfilling high school requirements. It just doesn’t get any better than this.”

Corippo says the District is working hard on “customer service” in education and redefining the how, when, and where education is being delivered.

“This is just the beginning. Students will win with this movement towards students first.”

With bus routes running through Fresno and Madera, Corippo says a customized high school experience is a viable options for non-local students as well.

Source: Chawanakee Unified School District


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