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California Fires: Nearly 16,000 Firefighters and Over 1.4 million Acres Burned

CALIFORNIA – More than 15,800 firefighters are continuing to work towards containment on over two dozen major fires and lightning complexes, all while responding to hundreds of new emergencies and wildfires each day.

In the past 24-hours there were over 10 lightning strikes in California, yet only one small fire was reported. A warming trend is likely over the next few days, with low humidity which will continue to hamper firefighters conditions.

Since the lightning siege that started on Saturday, August 15, 2020, there have been nearly 14,000 lightning strikes. During this time-period, there have been more than 800 new wildfires, which have now burned over 1.4 million acres.

There have unfortunately been 7 reported fatalities and over 2,200 structures destroyed.

Warm and dry conditions continue today, with periods of weak North to Northeast winds possible this afternoon in Northern California. Beginning Sunday, a warming trend will lead to very hot and dry weather by the middle of next week.

CAL FIRE continues to urge all Californians to take steps to prevent sparking a wildfire. To learn more ways to prevent sparking a wildfire visit

Fires of Interest:                                                                                                                                      

**CAL FIRE Incidents**
LNU Lightning Complex Fire, Napa County (more info…)
Napa, Lake, Sonoma, Solano, and Yolo Counties
State DPA, SRA, Napa County
*373,324 acres, 41% contained
*Hennessey (merged fires) 315,611 acres, 39% contained
*Wallbridge 55,353 acres, 42% contained
*Meyers 2,360 acres, 99% contained
*1,119 structures destroyed
*Evacuations in place

SCU Lightning Complex Fire, Contra Costa, Alameda, Santa Clara and Stanislaus Counties (more info…)
Contra Costa, Alameda, Santa Clara and Stanislaus Counties
*374,471 acres, 40% contained
*20 fires in the complex, several have merged together
*Canyon/Reservoir (merged) 371,367 acres 40% contained
*Deer 3,104 acres 100% contained
*Evacuations and road closures in place
*53 structures destroyed

CZU August Lightning Fire, San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties (more info…)
San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties
*83,335 acres, 29% contained
*Warnell Fire has now merged into CZU Lightning
*Evacuations in place
*899 structures destroyed

BTU/TGU Lightning Complex Fire, Butte and Glenn Counties (more info…)
Butte, Tehama and Glenn Counties
*57,359 acres, 33% contained
*Elkhorn 37,750 acres, 33% contained
*Ivory/Doe 16,100 acres, 60% contained
*Potters (5-4) 927 acres, 97% contained

River Fire, Monterey County (more info…)
East of Salinas
*48,732 acres, 76% contained
*30 structures destroyed
*Repopulation is complete

Carmel Fire, Monterey County (more info…)
South of Carmel
*6,767 acres, 81% contained
*73 structures destroyed
*Repopulation is complete

Moc Fire, Tuolumne County (more info…)
*2,800 acres, 98% contained

Jones Fire, Nevada County (more info…) FINAL
Northwest of Nevada City
*705 acres, 100% contained
*21 residential structures destroyed

**Federal Incidents**
Lake Fire, Los Angeles County (more info…)
Southwest of Lake Hughes
* 31,089 acres, 82% contained
*Continued structure threat

August Complex, Tehama County (more info…)
Grindstone Canyon, Elk Creek
*215,558 acres 18% contained
*Includes the Hull Fire and Doe Fire

Dolan Fire, Monterey County (more info…)
Ventana Wilderness – Los Padres National Forest
* 25,587 acres, 20% contained

Ranch 2 Fire, Los Angeles County (more info…)
San Gabriel Canyon
*4,237 acres, 96% contained
*Road closures lifted

Apple Fire, Riverside County (more info…)
Cherry Valley
*33,424 acres, 95% contained

North Complex Fire, Plumas County (more info…)
Southwest of Susanville – Plumas National Forest
* 57,406 acres, 25% contained
*Evacuations in place
*Includes the Sheep and Claremont Fire

Loyalton, Vegetation Fire, Sierra County (more info…)
East of Loyalton – Tahoe National Forest
*47,029 acres, 93% contained

Red Salmon Complex – Shasta-Trinity National Forest (more info…)
Northeast of Willow Creek, CA
*21,980 acres, 42% contained

SQF Complex, Tulare County (more info…)
East of Giant Sequoia National Monument/ Golden Trout Wilderness
*25,891 acres, 0% contained
*Castle and Shotgun Fires merged into this complex

W-5 Cold Springs, Lassen County (more info…)
East of Madeline.
*72,196 acres, 45% containment

Dome, San Bernardino County (more info…)
Mojave National Preserve
*43,273 acres, 95% contained

Beach, Inyo County (more info…)
Inyo National Forest
*3,780 acres, 90% contained

Blue Jay/Wolf Fire, Mariposa County (more info…)
Yosemite National Forest
*679 acres, 15% contained

Woodward Fire, Marin County (more info…)
Point Reyes National Seashore
*3,072 acres 10% contained

Spring Fire, Shasta County FINAL
Shasta-Trinity National Forest
*230 acres, 100% contained

Trimmer Fire, Fresno County
Sierra National Forest
*600 acres, 99% contained

R-8 Pinecone, Lassen County (more info…) FINAL
West of Termo
*567 acres, 100% contained

**Contract County Incidents**
Johnson, Vegetation Fire, Los Angeles County
Johnson Rd x Limeridge Dr, East of Elizabeth Lake
*290 acres, grass and brush, 80% contained

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