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Butterfield Ballad At Loggers Jamboree

NORTHFORK – Singer/songwriter Jean Butterfield is planning a special presentation at the North Fork Loggers Jamboree on Saturday, June 6 at 9:45 a.m., and it couldn’t be more apropos.

The performance will take place just before the Pro-Am competitions.

Singing her original song, “Window of Time,” Butterfield will be accompanied by Oakhurst resident Scott Stouder on the Djembe Drum.

“Window of Time” is an historical ballad written about the times during the early years of the logging mill in North Fork.

“A vital function of the mill was to burn the debris remaining from cutting and milling the logs, in the burner,” Butterfield explains. The song is part of her new CD, “Brothers in Time.” Copies are available at Slim’s Coffee Shak in North Fork or online.

For over half a century, loggers have gathered in North Fork to honor their cultural heritage by participating in the Loggers Jamboree. Professional and amateur competitions include double hand-bucking, ax throwing and hot power sawing.

Following are lyrics to “Window,” courtesy of the artist.

Window of Time Lyrics and music by Jean Butterfield

Through the window, through the window, window of past time
A lumber mill moved south to a little town at the base of the mountain
There was gold in the form of trees for work for the families
My Grandpa was there, he moved his family from a northern town
To this small mountain town of trees
They worked to build the mill then they ran the first log through the saw
Succeeding a start and the whistle blew


Oh——the burner burned, embers would fly into the night sky
Once I was told, looks like millions of fireflies
Through the window of time the burner burned
Through the window the burner burned

The town bustled on and grew, and everyone had work
Homes were built, and a school was built up on the hill
This is our history there was gold in them hills in the form of trees
Lumber built communities
The forest needed thinning; fuel for a wildfire was building
Sun came in, small trees began growing

Sing Chorus

The loggers just did their job, then they had to pay
What went on in politics can anyone really say
Can there be a balance between the forest and the people of the day
Tending to it’s needs, for our future ways
The final day came; they blew the whistle long and closed the doors
What do these men do, they walk the floor

The mill was taken down in bits and pieces, torn at the seams
Sheet metal roofs and windows, and old growth timber beams
Where do theses things go? Can they be used again
The tools and saws, their use comes to an end
Many years down the road, these things are gone and absorbed
There’s a saw blade on the wall in an antique store

North Fork has a new beginning; it’s slowly on the mend
The business, the arts, renewal, it’s happening already
The will of the people, are keeping a strong community
New comers here add unity
The quiet country town, with the best snow-capped mountain views
Shuteye, Peckinpah ridge too

Sing Chorus then sing end tag: Through the window…… the burner burned……oh oh…


More info on the Loggers Jamboree

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