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Indian Buddhist Monk Will Speak On Challenges Of Life

OAKHURST – A revered monk from Bangalore, India, will give an evening talk on universally important topics that may resonate with many in the mountain area, and offer those present some insight into the Buddhist perspective on life.

Theravada monk Ven. Sugatananda will visit the Positive Living Center (PLC) on Tuesday, Feb. 24 from 6 – 7:30 p.m. He’ll speak to an audience in an intimate setting about overcoming anger and impatience and dealing with tragedies in life.

While on a short tour of the West, Ven. Sugatananda will speak to a diverse group at various locations, including prison, university, juvenile hall, Unitarian Fellowship, Science of Mind and long-standing Buddhist groups. There is no cost to attend the talk at PLC; tax-deductible donations will be accepted as offered.

“This would be a great chance to sit and interact with a special person,” says Tim Moore, a member of Mahabodhi Metta USA who is coordinating the California portion of Ven. Sugatananda’s journey. “This is a rare opportunity.”

Ven. Sugatananda, 36, was born in Calcutta into a typical Indian Hindu family. After early education he went on to complete a degree in law. He was well-established at a legal firm in New Delhi until he answered a spiritual call from within, according to his written biography.

He began to study Buddhism and as his interest and dedication became deeper, he decided to renounce worldly life and took to monkhood at Mahabodhi Monastery in Bangalore. Training for three years under a man considered by many to be a great modern Buddhist scholar, Sugatananda edited and published books written by Most Venerable late Dr. Acharya Buddharakkhita, and was educated in four languages: Vinaya, Sutta, Abhidhamma and Pali.

Sugatananda is editor of the monthly Buddhist magazine Dhamma, and Chairman of the Mahabodhi Center for Theravada Buddhist studies. That’s the only institution in India offering advanced scholarship and degrees in Theravada Buddhism.

In addition to public speaking and conducting mediation programs for people from India and the West, he runs special classes on Buddhist ethical psychology. This is Ven. Sugatananda’s first trip to the West.

The Positive Living Center is part of the Affiliated New Thought Network and an Affiliate Center of the Emerson Theological Institute, located across the street from Western Sierra Nursery.

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