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Tom Wheeler, Sally Moreno, Max Rodriguez, Tracy Kennedy, David Rogers, Brett Frasier, Todd Miller, Gary Svanda, Rebecca Martinez, Jay Varney, Rob Poythress - photo courtesy of Wade Wheeler

Brett Frazier New Chairman Of Madera County Board Of Supervisors

Brett Frazier – photo Madera County

MADERA – The Madera County Board of Supervisors’ chamber was filled with staff and family this morning as new and returning public servants were administered the oath of office.

District 5 Supervisor Tom Wheeler began his fourth four-year term by passing the chairman’s gavel to Brett Frazier, who serves the residents of District 1. Frazier was elected to a second term after running unopposed in the June 2018 primary.

Wheeler commended all the County staff, committees, other elected officials and department heads for their tireless efforts in support of the Board’s work.

Tom Wheeler – photo Madera Co.

“The Board of Supervisors is nothing without you,” said Wheeler. “We are only as good as the people who make up our team. We have accomplished a lot over these past four years, and there is much more to do.”

Some of the successes Wheeler cited were the creation of a Public Information Team, reorganizing the departments to create more efficiency, improved working conditions with competitive pay to prevent the loss of employees to neighboring counties, a new collaborative working relationship with the cities, a new payment management system for county roads, streamlining the permit process and cutting red tape, implementing a new voting system, securing a $10 million grant to address tree mortality, on-the-road board meetings, and ending the year with a stable budget and a healthy reserve.

As Supervisor Frazier began his first stint as Chairman of the Board, sworn in by his wife Elizabeth, he challenged his colleagues to “continue to make policy decisions that positively affect our futures, to seek economic development and job creation, to continue to look for ways to promote Madera County as a viable economic area for companies both large and small, where schools and residents can thrive.

“We are here to be responsible to the needs of those we serve, rather than to give them excuses as to why we can’t do it. If we can’t do it now, we need to provide the planning to be able to do it in the future.

“We have enough money to do anything we want, but we don’t have enough money to do everything we want. If what’s being asked will not benefit the county as a whole, then we need to be forthright and deliberate with our decisions, and properly manage people’s exceptions about priorities.

“I’ve met some of the most creative people who are dedicated to making Madera County the great place we all know it to be. I know what is at stake, and I’m proud to be entrusted with part of the decision making for how our county looks now and how it will look in the future.”

Also taking the oath of office today was incumbent Sheriff Jay Varney, who ran unopposed in his bid for a second term.

Sheriff Varney was sworn in by his son Travis Varney, who works for the Madera City Police Department.

County Clerk-Recorder Rebecca Martinez, who was also sworn in and was honored today for her 45 years of service, led the swearing in of District 2 Supervisor David Rogers beginning his third term; Treasurer-Tax Collector Tracy Kennedy who starts her eighth term; Auditor-Controller Todd Miller and Assessor Gary Svanda, both headed into a second term; and District 5 Supervisor Tom Wheeler who was elected to term number four.

All these public servants were greeted with warm, heart-felt applause, but perhaps the most vigorous was for incoming District Attorney Sally Moreno, who defeated incumbent David Linn and challenger Paul Hornick. Read her story here.

Biography of Brett Frazier (Source: maderacounty.com)

Brett Frazier was raised in Madera, graduated from Madera Unified School District, and obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Santa Barbara. After graduation, he returned home to work in the family business.

In 2010 Brett was elected to the Madera City Council, serving as Mayor in 2012.

In January, 2015 he was elected as Board of Supervisor for District 1. Since the inception, he has worked tirelessly to provide transparency and sustainability regarding the water districts in Madera County, ensured positive growth in the communities he represents, been fair and just regarding matters brought before the Board of Supervisors, and continues to foster lasting relationships with his constituents.

Supervisor Frazier is the proud husband to Elizabeth, and father of four amazing children; Wyatt, Hallie, Emma and Brooks.

Tom Wheeler, Sally Moreno, Max Rodriguez, Tracy Kennedy, David Rogers, Brett Frasier, Todd Miller, Gary Svanda, Rebecca Martinez, Jay Varney, Rob Poythress – photo courtesy of Wade Wheeler

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