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Bracebridge Dinner Performances Need Community Participants 


Photograph by Alana Spicer

YOSEMITE — Celebrated annually since 1927, the renowned Bracebridge Dinner transforms The Majestic Yosemite Hotel’s Dining Room into a Old English-era hall filled with Christmas festivities. The inspiration for this incredible Yuletide ceremony was Washington Irving’s Sketch Book about Squire Bracebridge and Christmas traditions of the period. More than 100 cast members portray the Squire and his family, their servants, the Lord of Misrule, and minstrels.

At this time of year, organizers want all interested Yosemite Valley residents to register to participate in non-speaking parts as Villagers, Forest Folk, Litter Bearers, and more in the Bracebridge Dinners.

Families and Yosemite community people of all ages are welcome. Children under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or adult, with no exceptions.

Performances this year include Dec. 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 and 25, which are different dates than last year.  Actors are not required to participate in all the dinners, but are needed to perform in as many as possible, with at least four performances requested.

Performances and waiting periods during the evening are long, and those who participate may need to kneel and be in reasonably good shape, organizers warn.  This contribution to the glorious Christmas pageantry is voluntary, they affirm, offering beautiful memories, be able to view the live performance on in-house TV and be provided with a hearty dinner buffet.

Cynthia McFann is the Assistant Bracebridge Coordinator. Please email your information to Cynthia at  Cyndwa@sbcglobal.net prior to the cutoff date of Wednesday, Nov 30, 2016, or call Cynthia at (559) 641-6326.

Interested parties who contact Cynthia will receive an application which must be returned to the Production Staff in order to be considered as part of the cast. Or, leave a voice-mail with name, mailing, and email address, phone number, and work unit. Cynthia will send confirmation to you of joining the cast as soon as possible.

“Even if you consider yourself a ‘regular’ and have registered last year or in past years, please contact Cynthia again.”

Formerly available only through lottery, tickets can now be purchased directly with Bracebridge Dinner and Lodging Packages starting at $605 per night, based on double occupancy, according to the TravelYosemite.com.

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