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Biscuits & Gravy at Rev’s Farm House

On December 22, I always start my day with biscuits and gravy. More about the why later but I chose to head to Rev’s Farm House in Oakhurst for this year’s biscuits and gravy. I arrived shortly after they opened and was greeted with a big smile from Cindy, inviting me to pick any table to sit at.

I knew what I wanted and as I walked toward a booth, I told her that I didn’t need a menu, asking for biscuits and gravy, and coffee of course. The hot coffee was sure smelled wonderful and it was also beautiful as the steam rose from it. Check out the video in case you doubt me. It wasn’t long before my breakfast arrived. Wow, how was I going to eat all of that? The biscuit halves were the size of normal biscuits, were crunchy on the outside and super moist on the inside.

I couldn’t finish it all but I made a good dent. I took one of the biscuit halves home for Sally.

OK, now for the story about the date. My dad’s birthday is on December 22 and even though he isn’t here with us anymore to celebrate it, he always had biscuits and gravy for his birthday breakfast. So I continue that celebration on dad’s birthday. Dad definitely would have approved of them at Rev’s.

It is a bit embarrassing to admit that this was the first time that I had eaten at Rev’s Farm House but I had heard wonderful things about them from friends. Rev’s was on my list and I suspected that I would have lunch there so had daydreamed about their menu online. There are many delicious sounding items and it would have been a tough choice. I didn’t need to make any choices on this day because I knew without a doubt what I would be having. I am looking forward to returning soon and making that big decision.

One of the reasons that I arrived when they opened was to be in front of their busy time for breakfast in order to talk with them and learn more about Rev’s. I also asked if I could take a picture of the team that worked to serve up that delicious breakfast for me. What a friendly team and the food was delicious.

Jeff, Cindy and Torrey

When I paid my bill, I had a happy surprise to discover a local discount, so be sure and ask about that. Rev’s Farm House is a little tricky to locate if you haven’t been there. It is in the building that used to be Crabcakes, not the first Crabcakes but the second location. It is in the small group of buildings behind Ditton Realty and the Talking Bear, kind of next to McGoldrick & McGoldrick Law Firm.  Additional information is located at their Facebook and Home Page links at the end.

Rev’s Farm House


Rev’s Farm House Facebook Page

Rev’s Farm House Home Page

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