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Beware Of Fire Inspection Invoice Scam

MADERA COUNTY – Sheriff John Anderson is issuing an alert to all business owners throughout Madera County about a “fire inspection invoice” scheme now preying on the fears of both business owners and residents.

At least one business in Eastern Madera County has already received such a bill, and it is a scam, says the Sheriff.

If you receive an invoice from a vendor, RMZ, with an address of 1555 Botelho Drive, #201, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, telephone number: 925-476-2401, notify authorities immediately. (click image to enlarge)

Fire Inspection Invoice scam 9-5-14This vendor has been the subject of numerous investigations throughout the state of California and just recently started preying on businesses in Madera County.

The vendor sends an invoice, for $413.11, which supposedly covers “Annual State Required Fire Safety Equipment Inspection, Test, and Certification.”

Sheriff Anderson cautions business owners to be mindful not only of this particular mailing, but any invoice sent to your establishment from an unknown vendor seeking payment for a service never rendered.

There are licensed inspectors right here in Madera County, he says, adding, “The person or persons using this kind of deceitful mailing, especially on the heels of three recent fires in our county, is unconscionable.”

To learn more about Fire Inspection Services in Madera County, please contact the Madera County Fire Marshal’s Office located at 2037 W. Cleveland Avenue, Madera, CA 93637, or call them at 559-661-5191.

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