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Bass Lake Courthouse Is Being Closed, Cases Moved To Madera

BASS LAKE – It has been less than two years since the Bass Lake Courthouse returned to full-time status, hearing jury trials and providing mountain area residents the convenience of a local court.

But now, the Superior Court of California, County of Madera, intends to permanently close the Bass Lake Courthouse, effective Dec. 3, forcing Eastern Madera County residents to travel to Madera for court cases and jury duty.

A notice has been posted at the courthouse informing residents of the impending closure. The Court has also posted the announcement on their website.

“All new cases arising in Eastern Madera County will be filed at the Madera Courthouse located at 200 South G Street, Madera, California,” says the Court in a statement posted on their website.

“Parties with existing Bass Lake cases set for hearing on or after December 3, 2018 will be notified by mail of the reassignment to a Courtroom at the Madera Courthouse. The public can call 559-416-5599 for all case information.

“The decision to close the Bass Lake Courthouse was not taken lightly. The decision was made based on the on-going concerns for the safety of the public, staff and officers. This building has many deficiencies which unfortunately, in today’s economic landscape, there are no funds to address through a remodel of this building to make it safe for all who conduct business at this location. There is also an issue of insufficient judicial resources to provide coverage of the Sierra Court given the recent changes in policies regarding the Assigned Judges Program.”

The Bass Lake Courthouse will be closed effective Nov. 30. The building will revert to the County of Madera. All court staff currently working in the Bass Lake courthouse will be reassigned to the Madera Superior Court in Madera.

We did request that the Court provide more details on this decision, however they declined to elaborate, citing “ongoing security concerns.”

The Court says they are receiving public comments and that all will be reviewed and considered.

Anyone wishing to voice their opinion on the closure of the Bass Lake Courthouse must submit comments by Nov. 19 to Madera.Comment@madera.courts.ca.gov.

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  1. No way will I drive the distance,through the traffic,serve 8 hours and then repeat that drive home…not in any weather! Not going to happen.

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