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Badger "Pups" Tour YHS

OAKHURST – Eighth graders from all over the district visited Yosemite High School (YHS) on Tuesday, Jan. 27, to get a feel for what their future high school years may be like.

Their day consisted of rallies, games, and a scavenger hunt-styled tour around the campus.

YHS Associated Student Body (ASB) class members led the day, breaking themselves up into different cliques, including “preps,” cheerleaders, nerds, Goths, cowboys, and jocks, to demonstrate how there’s a place for everyone at YHS.

Photo by Jamie LongmoreStudents from each visiting school were assigned to a different clique as they were led around campus, learning all about the history, rules, and culture of YHS. Many ASB members even offered personal stories of their Freshman year to the students, trying to assure the younger students that there is no need to be nervous.

The students took a break from touring the campus to play games focused on getting to know their future peers.

Photo by Jamie Longmore“It was a lot of fun directing the kids, this class will be so spirited,” said ASB student Tiffany Cacy.

The future freshman also got to learn all about the clubs and sports YHS offers, and a chance to sign up for these extra-curriculars as well.

The day ended with a second “mock rally,” featuring more games and information about YHS, class chants, and a performance by the school’s band and choir.

YHS Badgers Logo“The day went great and the students were really nice,” said Kelsi Stieler, Senior Class President and ASB member. The ASB members and teachers are looking forward to welcoming the class of 2019 to the student body.

Jamie Longmore is a senior at YHS who interns for SNO.

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