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Darlene Jaeger, "Serenity"

Artists’ Reception For Pastel, Watercolor, Pottery Show

ANITA Promo photo painting demo by Anita Stoll

Timberline Gallery hosts Anita Stoll

OAKHURST — Looking for a simple summer outing designed to elevate the senses without breaking the bank? Stop by Timberline Gallery this month to see a new collection of artists’ work featuring watercolors, pastel, and pottery. If you drop in on Saturday, July 9, you’ll find an artists reception going on from 2 – 5 p.m. Refreshments will be served. The current exhibit runs through Sunday, July 31.

Among the many featured artists is Anita Stoll, showing paintings in pastel.

“When I paint I take myself on a journey based on scenes from nature,” says Anita. “This painting is my interpretation of a section of the trail around Heron Lake where my husband and I frequently walk.”

De Sheldon Bunny reduced for SNO CalendarTimberline artist Darlene Jaeger believes her love of art started in elementary school.

“I won the honor of designing the front page of our annual May festival program,” says Darlene. “I loved creating the artwork but, to be honest, I also loved the fact I was acknowledged for what I had created.”

Now, like other local artists, her inspiration comes through nature.

“It has taking many years to to be able to capture the wonders of our surroundings through an artists eye. To see the vivid colors, how the light glistens through a droplet of water on a rose petal, or the shadows forming on the ground.”

Darlene says she’s grateful for having found the passion which gives her such enjoyment.

“In return I’m hoping when people look at my work they can see and feel the same as I did when painting it.”

Timberline July 2016 Hartling_Carolyn_Best BuddiesPainter Carolyn Hartling was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, an environment strongly influenced her direction in art. Following graduation from a California interior design school Carolyn formed her own design firm which she ran for 18 years.  In 2000 she and her husband retired to the Sierra foothills and Carolyn began to paint in earnest.

Carolyn has worked in a variety of mediums over the years and the depiction of  atmospheric  conditions interests her in particular. Her aim, she says, is to elicit a response to a shared emotional experience among her viewers.

Carolyn’s work has received a variety of local and regional awards, and her work can be currently seen on display at Timberline.

Timberline Gallery is a not for profit co-op gallery that dates back to 1985. Timberline artists create in, oils, pastel, watercolor, drawings, jewelry, ceramics, sculpture, wall hangings of fiber art, weaving, gourds, and woven baskets. Co-op members sit in the gallery one day each month, so it’s possible to meet many artists after visiting over time. “Ask them about their work. Artists love to talk about technique.”

Timberline Gallery also offers gifts for anyone looking for a special item. Items for sale include silk scarves, blown glass, wooden boxes, and cutting boards. Small items in the gift shop include cards and other remembrances of travel to the mountains and Yosemite.

The gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily during summer, except for major holidays.

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