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Ancient Guardians: The Legacy Of The Key (Book 1)

HOUSTON – Mountain girl and Yosemite High School graduate Stacy Morgan has written a book series under a pen name. Friends in the Oakhurst area may remember her as Stacy Baker, daughter of Dr. Terry Baker (Baker Chiropractic) and Rhonda Baker. Stacy’s married surname, since 1996, is Morgan, and readers now know her as S.L. Morgan, author of Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key.

The self-published novel is categorized as Young Adult, Fantasy/Romance. One blog review says “Ancient Guardians” is “set at a steady (never dull) pace; you will find enough action to keep you on your toes, but become so involved in a true love that it just might sweep you off your feet.” The first book in the series is available through Amazon and in soft cover, and also for Kindle.First-time author Morgan now lives in Texas with her husband Jason and three children, Caleb, 13, Tyler, 11, and Jaci, 7. Between writing, parenting and plotting future publications, she took time to let us know that family and faith kept her going through the sometimes arduous process of writing and publishing.

Q: Can you describe Ancient Guardians?

A: I like to tell people that it has the fantasy of C.S. Lewis and “The Chronicles of Narnia” interwoven with the classic romance of a Jane Austen novel, all wrapped up with the beautiful colors of Pandora in the movie “Avatar.”

Q: What inspired you?

A: “Ancient Guardians” was written with my love for reading classic romance novels, my favorite being Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.” I wanted to write a clean, classic romance novel set in that time period, but I didn’t want to risk the possibility of writing something wrong (not historically accurate or something like that).

I decided (with the help of my dad having an episode of Star Trek on every day) that I can write in that time period, if I create my own world/dimension… the sci-fi/fantasy part of it. In my own world, I can make up all the rules as I go. I didn’t want to create just any world; I wanted an enchanting one that readers can get lost in and never want to leave.

Q: What process did you go through to write the book?

Stacy Morgan FamilyA: As I wrote, I had my sister and my aunt reading along. I knew both of them would be completely honest with me with the writing. They had to be honest, and believe me, they were!

I opted to self-publish (thank you, Amanda Hocking). I wasn’t just going to throw the book out there, without a professional editor. After a lot of thought, in trying to decide if this book was worth investing money into, my family and test readers all decided together: yes, it was.

After the book returned from the professional editor, I had to get back to work, revising, rewriting certain parts and adding more depth. It was a very extensive edit and it saved my book. Then, my sister Amanda who is my biggest critic, and I love her for it, brought it through the most grueling edit yet. This is where I almost gave up. But I had so much support with her and the others who loved the story, it kept me going. I have learned a lot from my editors during the editing process.

Q: Were you excited when the book was published last December?

A: I was scared to death. I worked hard for everyone to enjoy my story, and I know what these other authors are talking about now, when they say it’s their “baby.” You put everything you’ve got into it and now you just put it out there for the entire world to love or hate. That’s unnerving.

Q: Ancient Guardians is available on Amazon. How are sales going?

A: The sales have, so far, exceeded any of my realistic expectations. It’s kind of surreal to see how many people are really out there with my book in their hands.

Right now, the book just finished a blog tour, where it is promoted on the reading blogs and some of them will review it and give it a fair and honest review. This has helped me considerably with “getting the book out there.” The sales are showing that.

Q: Do you have any advice for people who want to write and self-publish a work of fiction?

A: Just write away. Don’t give up. I grew to love my characters so much and my story so much, I pressed on through the most difficult times.

When you have finished your novel, and you jump off the couch shouting, “I did it! I really wrote a book and I finished it!” – sit back down, because your work just got started. Writing the book is the easy part. You must send it off now, for a professional edit.

I was already finished with my second book, and writing my third, when I had to go back through the edit of Book 1. I was so exhausted with that book, but it was almost as if the characters were demanding I not give up – they wanted their story shared. So I pressed on.

Write, but get that book into the hands of an editor and learn from the reviews.

Q: What can readers expect from you next?

A: With my second book finished and off to an editor, we are hoping to have it released this summer. Currently, I am writing the third book in the series and I’m wondering if my characters will ever let me end their story.

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  1. Kelly,

    I am Stacy Morgans Aunt, and wanted to know if the interview above was also in paper form, if so, how could I obtain some copies. I have no problem paying for papers and mailing, just wanted for family here in Oklahoma where I live.

    Great review Kelly, enjoyed reading about our girl and her great book. Thanks for your time. Trena Oura

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