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Picture of Edgar and Amanda Feliz at their wedding.
From everyone at Sierra News Online, our best wishes go out to newlyweds Edgar and Amanda Feliz!

Amid Global Pandemic, Love Finds a Way

LEWIS CREEK — Editor’s Note: Their wedding was canceled, but their love was not. With all the bad news about the coronavirus these days, here’s hoping that this little story of love persevering will warm our readers’ hearts.

MOUNTAIN AREA — Love always finds a way.

Ashton Fish was supposed to officiate a wedding for Amanda, one of his old Transformed Youth students, and her fiance Edgar. But like so many things impacted by the coronavirus, the wedding was canceled — and Amanda and Edgar were having difficulties planning their next move.

Meanwhile, Ashton and his wife had decided to head to his mom’s cabin in the Yosemite area to give themselves some more space to help in dealing with the pandemic.

Ashton jokingly told Amanda and Edgar that they could come up to Yosemite and get married under a waterfall by the cabin. They loved the idea (it turns out to have been one of their first choices for a venue). So three days later, they packed their bags and drove on up.

Upon arrival, and with friends and family in tow, they hiked through snow to a waterfall right outside of Yosemite Park, staying six feet apart for social distancing, of course…

To see what happens next, watch this heart-warming video.

Sierra News Online wishes nothing but the best for newlyweds Edgar and Amanda Feliz.

Thanks to Ashton Fish for his assistance with this story.

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