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Adam McEwen Named Deputy of the Year

MADERA COUNTY — Sheriff Jay Varney is proud to announce that Detective Adam McEwen has been selected to be the 2016 Deputy of the Year.

Detective McEwen is currently serving as the Ag Crimes Detective. He was hired in 2002 and worked as a Patrol Deputy, and was promoted to a Field Training Officer in 2006, where he served until being promoted to an Ag Crimes Detective in 2011.

The Madera Kiwanis Club held a dinner Thursday night to honor the Officers of the Year for Madera County Law Enforcement agencies. There will be several more events throughout the year as other service organizations also recognize the Officers of the Year.

“Adam is always working great cases and sending out excellent information” said Operations Commander Tyson Pogue. “The Sheriff says that any time Detective McEwen sends out an email bulletin, he always reads it because he knows it will be valuable information.”

Commander Pogue mentions two notable cases solved by Detective McEwen. One was a 2013 case involving a $50,000 loss from two elderly Madera County victims. McEwen worked with Fresno S.O. detectives to solve the case. The suspect was arrested and pleaded guilty even before a preliminary hearing due to the quality of work done, says Pogue.

Another case was very recent, and resulted in five suspects being arrested for possession of stolen firearms, stolen ATVs, a trailer and horse equipment. Several suspects in this case have already pleaded guilty. The Sheriff’s Office credits the good result to the quality of the investigation.

Detective McEwen was nominated as the Officer of the Year by his peers, not the Administration of the Sheriff’s Office. Here are some of the comments from other Deputies:

“He goes above and beyond to do his best,” says one fellow deputy. “He is hard-working and cares about his community,” says another. “He loves his job,” “he makes good arrests on a very regular basis,” and “he truly makes an impact,” say others in their reasons for nominating Detective McEwen.

“I thoroughly enjoy working in a community where the good citizens support their law enforcement agency and are willing to help out any way they can,” says Detective McEwen. “It makes me work harder. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”

“As you can see, Detective McEwen is highly regarded by his coworkers and the command staff of the Sheriff’s Office,” says Sheriff Varney.

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