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8th Graders Get A Taste Of High School At YHS

OAKHURST – Potential Yosemite High School (YHS) students from area middle and elementary schools were treated to a day at YHS during 8th grade orientation last week.

Student Activities director Tammy Thacker explains, “We give incoming 8th graders as much information as possible about YHS so they feel comfortable about coming here. All of the mountain area 8th graders were invited.”Arriving by bus, 8th grade students started out in the school’s theater building and members of the Associated Student Body/Leadership class, taught by Mrs. Thacker, took groups on a tour of the campus.

YHS students In Ansel Adams Building - Photo by Clara Briley“Then they ate lunch in the cafeteria,” says Thacker, “their favorite part! They got to experience the various clubs, and get information on all our programs, sports, and everything YHS has to offer.”

The new kids were on campus from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The big day wound up back in the theater for a rally to show off the “fun” side of high school.

“We do this every year in February, because soon after that the counselors start signing the students up for classes. This gives them an opportunity to know what they can look forward to,” said Thacker.

For the majority of students who will be at YHS in the fall, it’s their first opportunity for education on a large campus, with multiple instructors and classes. For some, that can be overwhelming, while other students welcome the change right away.

“The one bit of advice I always give students is to get involved,” says Thacker. “It helps you to enjoy high school and it keeps you out of trouble. It also helps you keep your grades up. The great thing about YHS is that we have something for everyone.”

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