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My Campaign Signs Have Been Taken Down

This morning, when I went outside to get some things done, I found my campaign signs for Hillary Clinton, Bob Derlet and Robert Carabas had been taken down. The Hillary sign was covered with dirt and debris. I cleaned the sign and put it, and the others back up.

I find it sad that there are so many people in the world who are so insecure in their believes and opinions that they will do petty things like this. These same people are threatened by anyone who disagrees with their point of view. And most of them are terrified by the prospect of change, which is a fact of life. They still live in the good old days that are gone, and they are gone for ever.

Sadly, it seems that these people’s ability to think critically never developed beyond the age of three. They believe that their opinion is fact, whether it is or not. And when confronted with incontrovertible proof that their belief is wrong, that proof merely reinforces their opinion even though it is wrong.

These same people will shout their support of our the constitution and scream to high heaven if their rights are trampled upon in any way. But, they don’t hesitate to trample upon the rights of others with their unthinking, cowardly acts such as taking down campaign signs that support a candidate that they oppose. I can imagine their outrage if what they did to me was done to them.

I wonder if these unthinking, spineless individuals weren’t so threatened by my signs, if they would have had the courage to come to my door and ask me why I support Hillary Clinton. If they had, I would have invited them in and we could have had a discussion, over a cup of coffee, about why we support who we do. Who knows, they might have been able to convince me to support their candidate.

Now I’m wondering, will my campaign signs be taken down again?

Respectfully submitted,

Lowell Young

Mariposa, California

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