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Appeal To Help Our Veterans

To the Editor:

My name is Ray Tote and I’m an American Patriot. I’m starting a foundation to help OUR Vets. It’s called Disabled Vets Outdoor Adventures, and its purpose is to open the outdoors for OUR Vets.

How many of us have sons, daughters, or friends that are serving or have served in OUR military? Since I started this project, it’s been a real education, let me tell you. I’ve learned that more then 100,000 of OUR Vets have committed suicide. That’s 22 A DAY! Think about this now. 22 of OUR American Warriors, OUR Patriots leave this earth every day after they come HOME where they are suppose to be safe.

I don’t know about you, but this is totally unacceptable to me! Think about this — You have a family member or a friend. They go overseas to fight OUR wars. What do you do? You worry and pray for their safe return, right? They finally come HOME battered but safe, and you think that your worries are over. You thank God for their safe return. Then one day you wake up and that family member — your friend, OUR warrior we thought was safe at HOME — is GONE!! They checked out. No longer HOME, no longer on our earth.

OUR American Warriors need OUR help. More than that, they DESERVE our help.

So here it is — I’m asking for volunteers to help me talk to property owners into opening their homes and hearts for OUR Vets and let them hunt or fish their properties. I need volunteers to call guide services asking to donate hunts and fishing trips. A couple hours a month would make a big impact for OUR Vets.

Like I said before, I’m learning a lot. There are organizations out there like Break the Barriers, Our Heroes Dreams and others. They are fighting a war here in OUR America. A war for OUR vets. A war where they are out numbered. A war where they need ammunition. That ammunition is US — the True American Patriotic Citizen getting involved and standing up for OUR warriors, and backing them up.

If you could see the great impact these few organizations are making for OUR Vets’ lives. Right now they are few, but WE can come together for a just cause and OUR Vets are a just cause. If WE can make their numbers great. Look at it this way. If a few can make a little difference for OUR Vets, what would happen if OUR town of North Fork and the whole of Madera County got together. What could WE could accomplish for OUR Vets? If WE united under one cause for OUR Vets, we would see power with unity and numbers!!

OUR Vets Give to OUR country when they go to war and when they come back they continue to give. There are Vets out there that work with OUR Valley Childrens Kids. OUR Vets give and keep on giving. It’s time for us to come together as a town, a county, a country and time for OUR America to give back.

So please help me help OUR Vets. Stand up, volunteer and get involved. America is still the greatest country in the world and always has been.

You can contact me, Ray Tote, at 559-676-5756 or email

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