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Zombies Invade Mountain Town In Search Of Funds

OAKHURST – The Oakhurst Zombie Walk drags into town for the third consecutive year, on Saturday, Oct. 20, starting at Cause 4 Paws Thrift Store and ending with an “undead after-party” for participants who pay $5 to join in the gory fun.

Make-up and costume assembly is set to begin at 5 p.m. at the thrift store, with the walk itself starting around 6 p.m. or as soon as organizers can get the notoriously uncooperative herd of zombies to “shake a leg.”Proceeds from the charitable event benefit the Eastern Madera County Society for the Prevention of Cruetly to Animals (EMC SPCA), said Vicki Deane, owner of Cause 4 Paws. There will also be a $100 cash prize given for the best zombie costume.

As for the age range of participants in the Zombie Walk, Deane notes, “We’ve had babies in strollers and people in their 80s. Anybody who has the gumption to do it is welcome. It’s fun!”

Deane and others have planned this year’s event for over two months, sorting through old clothes for the latest in zombie fashion, and garnering items for a raffle.

They stress that Zombie Walk is not related to Halloween. It’s about gore, these experts say, and they have a few light-hearted tips for anyone who wants to live the zombie experience for a night.

• Wear dirty, shredded clothes
• Use lots of fake blood
• Drag feet and stretch arms out
• Moan loudly and often
• Be prepared to eat brains

emcspca logoLast year, Zombie Walk raised $1,771 for the EMC SPCA, and with the public’s help, volunteers hope to earn even more in October. The Zombie Walk follows a safe yet Byzantine route on sidewalks around Oakhurst, always mindful of traffic signals and crosswalks.

Following the Zombie Walk (time varies according to speed of the walkers) the motley crew will return to the thrift shop where a DJ will play music and vendors include hot dogs, pizza and a bake sale.

As in years past, the after-party features photo opportunities for kids and families who wish to pose in terrifying tableaus, like a bloody “meat market” and graveyard.

Organizers expect about 150 undead to participate and live volunteers are needed immediately to help decorate.

For more information call Vicki Deane at 559-658-7297. Cause 4 Paws Thrift Shop, 40455 Highway 41, Oakhurst, Ca.

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