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Youth Boardgaming League At Oakhurst Library

Written by Monica McClanahan

OAKHURST – The Oakhurst Library will be hosting a month-long Youth BoardGaming League every Monday starting July 20, from 10:30am to 12:30pm. The league is open to all young people in 5th through 12th grade.

Imagine the thrill of sitting at the table with your opponents, carefully evaluating all your options, creating a successful plan of action and then celebrating your victory! This is the kind of excitement you can count on from the games in this program.

Youth Boardgaming LeagueThe program utilizes a wide variety of strategy and communications-based board games. They are from a broad class of tabletop games, mostly from Germany, that generally have simple rules, short to medium playing times – 20 minutes to 2 hours – direct and indirect player interaction, and attractive components. The games emphasize strategy and communication and usually keep all the players in the game until it ends.

The initial idea for this league came from Dr. Greg Thatcher, Associate Professor, Department of Public Health at Fresno State University. His research has found that these games develop critical thinking and communication skills.

The league will meet for four weeks, every Monday from July 20 thru Aug. 10, and then organizers will see if the kids want to schedule a time to continue after school starts. The league is free for the participants because the Friends of the Oakhurst Library donated the boardgames that will be used during play. At the end of the league, awards will be given for various achievements.

If you have any questions about this program, please call the library at 559-683-4838 or visit

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