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Image of a lake in Yosemite.
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Yosemite Conservancy Newsletter: May 2022

Recent News from Yosemite

The park’s peak hours reservation system will take effect this month, starting on Friday, May 20. Yosemite visitors will need a reservation to enter the park between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m., seven days a week. The peak hours reservation system will be in place through Sep. 30, 2022, and reservations will be required for all visitors, including annual and lifetime pass holders. Each reservation is valid for three days. Learn more about the peak hours reservation system here.

Image of the Yosemite Conservancy logo.On Friday, May 6, we teamed up with Ranger Shelton Johnson for a scenic Where’s Rodney? read-along to celebrate Floyd Cooper Day. Award-winning author and illustrator Floyd Cooper illustrated Where’s Rodney?, a powerful children’s book written by Carmen Bogan and published by Yosemite Conservancy.

Our Yosemite artists and naturalists have been gearing up for a busy season of Art Classes and Outdoor Adventures! Here are a few upcoming programs we’re especially excited about:

Explore Hetch Hetchy and Ackerson Meadow with a special guest from the National Park Service during two days of Meadow Magic, May 20 and 21.

Beginning May 27, join us for Paint and Sip every Friday from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Yosemite Valley Lodge for two blissful hours of watercolor painting, wine & cheese.

Discover a trail less traveled during a casual overnight trip along the Alder Creek Trail in our Intro Backpack: Southern Yosemite Waterfalls, June 2 – 4. Or join a single-day Hike and Stargaze program on June 3!

Starting June 6, drop by Happy Isles Art & Nature Center in Yosemite Valley for a break from the heat. Our casual Crafting Classes are offered every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. all summer long.

We’re still seeking two seasonal staff members to help manage our popular Yosemite Bike Share program: a bike share coordinator and a bike share attendant. Housing is now available for these two jobs. We’re also hiring a seasonal wilderness reservation assistant based in Yosemite Valley. Apply now or pass these opportunities along!

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Image of Beth Rodden.

Photo © Yosemite Conservancy/Yosemite National Park/Louder Than 11

Yosemite Climbing Hub

Yosemite’s granite cliffs and peaks are a haven for rock climbers, and the park has played an undeniable role in the advancement and evolution of the sport. Once thought to be unclimbable, granite monoliths including Half Dome and El Capitan have now hosted record-breaking solo, free and all-female climbs.

Climbing history continues to be made in Yosemite. And the allure of tackling the park’s big walls attracts climbers from all over the world. Our Climbing Hub is designed to equip you with all the information and tips you’ll need to climb safely — protecting yourself and your park.

On this page, you’ll find a series of short climbing safety videos created with a few of your favorite climbing experts — Emily Harrington, Beth Rodden (pictured above), and Tommy Caldwell — that can dramatically improve your ability to stay alive while climbing. You can also find the “Staying Alive While Climbing” videos on our YouTube channel — find a link to an audio described version of each video in the individual video description.


Image of an antique picture of an Indian guide and mail carrier.

Photo courtesy of Yosemite National Park.

Magazine Sneak Peek: Treasures from the Yosemite Museum

Donors, you will receive the spring/summer edition of the Yosemite Conservancy magazine in your mailboxes in just a couple of weeks!

While you wait, check out our latest blog post for a sneak peek of one of many unique, Yosemite-inspired stories and timely project updates in this issue. In the post, Yosemite Museum staff share the story of Tom Hutchings, Yosemite’s first mail carrier. The digital edition contains some bonus content, including a few additional photos and resources.


Image of The Today Show.

Photo © NBC News / The Today Show.

The Today Show in Yosemite

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Yosemite was featured on The Today Show yesterday! In the segment, NBC’s Richard Lui and Ranger Yenyen Chan explore the pivotal role Chinese immigrants played in establishing Yosemite National Park.

“The fact that we have this national park — it’s in many ways due to their hard work in making this place accessible to the public and making the story of Yosemite widespread.” -Ranger Yenyen Chan

We are so grateful for the donor support, especially that of Franklin & Sandra Yee and Roger & Florence Fong, that helped uncover and share this history. Your generosity has helped the inspiring stories of Yosemite’s Chinese immigrants reach a national audience — and will ensure they are shared with future generations of Yosemite visitors. Thank you!


Image of a turquoise ring.

Photo © Yosemite Conservancy.

Yosemite Museum Store

The Yosemite Museum Store has several new pieces in stock! You won’t find these unique, handmade items anywhere else. From jewelry to hair accessories to baskets, all made by Native artists and artisans and carefully selected for our online store, these collectables would make wonderful gifts.


Upcoming Events in Yosemite

Ongoing: Naturalist Walks (Stargazing and sunset programs!), Kids’ Art Classes (every Monday – Thursday beginning June 1), Nature Journaling Walks (every Thursday from June-August), and Crafting Classes (every Monday – Wednesday beginning June 6).

May 16-20: Watercolor with Grace Fong

May 19-22: Art Retreat: Scenic Watercolor with Steve Curl

May 20-21: Yosemite Field School: Meadow Magic

May 23-27: Watercolor with Bridgette Meinhold

May 27: Paint and Sip

May 30 – June 3: Painting and Printmaking with Sue Fierston: Class 1

June 2: Virtual Watercolor Workshop

June 2-4: Intro Backpack: Southern Yosemite Waterfalls

June 3: Adventure Combo: Hike and Stargaze #1

June 6-10: Painting and Printmaking with Sue Fierston: Class 2

June 10-12: Yosemite Field School: Bird-Banding

June 13-17: Charcoal Drawing with Jeff Hemming

June 16-19: Art Retreat: Plein Air Watercolor with Molly Hashimoto

June 17-18: Yosemite Field School: Zero Waste Backpack and Leave No Trace Trainer

June 20-23: Acrylic Painting with Jeff Hemming

June 23-26: Art Retreat: Oil Painting with Jeff Hemming

June 25: Day Hike: North Dome

June 27 – July 1: Painting and Poetry

June 28-29: Overnight Under the Milky Way: May Lake #1

June 30 – July 3: Art Retreat: Backpack and Paint with Nikki Frumkin


Photo of the Month

Image of a lake with mountains in the background.

“Rainy Afternoon in Yosemite Valley” by Kevin Fox.

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Image of a lake in Yosemite.

Image by Jeff Cepek.

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