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YHS Cheerleaders Earn Spots on All-American Cheer Team

OAKHURST — Five Yosemite High School student-athletes have been selected to join the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) All-American Cheer team.

Image of Yosemite High School Cheerleaders

Photo Courtesy of YHS

YHS cheerleaders picked for the honor are Kenzie Sconce, Taylor Bullock, Olivia Sanchez, Zoe Romero, and Gwenyth Farrell. They have each demonstrated the appropriate skills of cheerleading—sharp motions, dance, cheer, facial expression, and jumps—with passion and enthusiasm.

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Participants are judged on their performance of a short dance routine, a cheer routine, and a jump, with tryouts taking place at one of several UCA camps held across the United States each summer.

“I am so proud of not only the accomplishment but of the hard work and dedication of these five outstanding students,” said Stefanie Romero, YHS cheerleading coach. “They are extremely talented, showed their Badger spirit, and have now joined an elite group of cheerleaders from around the world. This is an incredible honor for these student-athletes.”

Earning All-American status gives the five student-athletes the opportunity to perform at special events during the year. This includes the Varsity Spirit Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade, held December 4-9 in Hawaii, and the London New Year’s Day Parade, which takes place December 26-January 2 in the United Kingdom.

UCA provides high-quality education training for cheerleaders with the goal of incorporating top-level skills with traditional crowd-leading. The group trains over 180,000 cheerleaders every summer at over 3,200 Varsity Spirit camps across the country.

Thousands of cheerleaders try out for All-American Cheer status at UCA’s Varsity Spirit camps. Only the top 10 percent of cheerleaders and dancers are chosen as All-Americans.

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