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Winners Of Student Art & Poetry Contest

YOSEMITE – Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Conservancy and The Ansel Adams Gallery once again sponsored a Gateway Expressions Student Art and Poetry Contest in September. The park received a record 230 submissions from local community schools.

Artwork was divided into categories and winning pieces were selected by park staff and park partners. The result is a terrific show that’s open to the public.

Winning student artwork and poetry will be featured in an exhibit at The Ansel Adams Gallery from Thursday, Oct. 23, through Saturday, Oct. 25. Additionally, students will be acknowledged at a special awards ceremony on Saturday, Oct. 25, at The Ansel Adams Gallery, from noon to 2 p.m.

4th - 5th grade art - Ansel Adams Inspired Painting by Uriah Martinez - Bishop - photo by NPSThe contest is a way for the park to celebrate the creativity of youth in the Yosemite gateway communities. The contest is open to all students, grades K-12, who attend school or youth programs within the gateway community school districts of Yosemite National Park.

This year the competition featured artwork from a record number of gateway communities including Bass Lake Joint Union, Big Oak Flat Groveland Unified, Bishop Unified, Chawanakee Unified, Eastern Sierra Unified, Mammoth Unified, Mariposa Unified, Raymond-Knowles Union, the districts of Tuolumne County, and Yosemite Unified.

Students submitted a wide range of art and poetry including collages, paintings, and photography showing Giant Sequoias, Tunnel View, Glacier Point, Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, and many others. Additionally, students submitted poetry about experiencing the park as a Yosemite animal or plant and their experiences in the park.

9th - 12th grade art - Yosemite Chapel by Emma Stowell Mariposa High - photo by NPSContest winners include:

Kindergarten & 1st grade art: Xavier Austin, Ivan Valera Pelayo, Karmella Hanley, Hannah Stark, Marley Gediman, Lyell Marcis, Adeline Woods, and Hannah Benson.

2nd & 3rd grade art: Bailey Lipsey, Lusa Andrews, Daniel Wilson, Scarlett Kerr, Mercy Littlejohn, Jacob McCabe, and Eva Smerber.

4th & 5th grade art: Autumn Stock, Makaya Mackie, Kaitlyn Fisher, Uriah Martinez, Isabeau Ostly-Vasquez, Camille Fisher, Abby Silva, Mia Coffman, Malachi Shelton, Celianna Lee, Todd Sexton, and Kaeli Sheffield

6th-8th grade art: Sierra Stalter, Ashley Roland, Jaiden Stansberry, Clara Devlin, Nathan Kunz, Jocelyn Stansberry, and Aiden McKillip

9th-12th grade art: Katie Thompson, Alexane Laforme, Brittany Shay Davis, Natalie Marquez, Maria Loya, Dillon Acker-James, Emma Stowell, Shanie Lane, Leah Patino, Brian Moore, and Sara Thiel

4th - 5th grade art - Half Dome and the Black Bear by Mia Coffman Yosemite Valley - photo by NPSGroup Art: Ruby Yager & Ava Dunlavey, Alex Kunz & Nathan Erikson, Lucas Pieper-White & Beck Westerlund, and Emmanuel Rodriguez Martinez & Ivan Vargas Alvarado

Anniversary Category: Calliope Kerr & Sydney Jacobs, Lottie Messick, Skadi Lyle, and Shelsy Marquez

Kindergarten & 1st grade poetry: Wawona Lawler

2nd & 3rd grade poetry: Erica Wohlgemuth, Makenna Bolton, Shea Ludwick, Wyman Fisher, and Ryan Sandoval

4th & 5th grade poetry: Colton Franklin, Kalei Reed, Emma Fries, Jasmine Starner, and Joey Star

2nd - 3rd grade art - My Day at Dog Lake - by Lusa Andrews - Wawona - photo by NPS6th-8th grade poetry: Lasen Andrews, Patience Nelson, Claire Lewis, Kiersten Lott, Sage Shields, Electa Clark, Remi Fuller, Catherine Gacho

9th-12th grade poetry: Breeze Leal, Alyssa Cabada, and Shiloh Quincy

2nd & 3rd grade photography: Ben Raines

9th-12th grade photography: Elizabeth Haggard and Peter McLean

Funding was received from the Yosemite Conservancy to help with the Gateway Expressions Student Art and Poetry Contest.

9th - 12th grade art - Muse - by Natalie Marquez Mariposa High - photo by NPSKindergarten - 1st grade art - Park Sunset by Hannah Stark - Yosemite Valley - photo by NPS

6th - 8th grade art - Tuolumne Meadows Rocks by Jocelyn Stansberry Yosemite Valley - photo by NPS

2nd - 3rd grade art - Yosemite Aster - by Bailey Lipsey - El Portal - photo by NPS6th - 8th grade art - Falling for Yosemite - by Jaiden Stansberry Yosemite Valley - photo by NPS9th - 12th grade art - by Brittany Shay Davis Mariposa High - photo by NPS

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