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Yosemite bear - photo by Keith Sauer

What The Bears Are Up To In Yosemite

YOSEMITE —  As Yosemite National Park officials work to protect bears by reducing the number of incidents between bears and humans, bear activity in Yosemite National Park continues to decrease.

Compared to this same week in 2017, the lowest year on record, bear incidents in 2018 are down by 43 percent and damage amounts in dollars are down by 64 percent.

Compared to 1998, when incidents in the park peaked, bear incidents and damages in 2018 are down by 99 percent.

Bear Activity Summary

  • Bears are being seen daily in Yosemite Valley.
  • Bears have been entering the campgrounds on a nightly basis.
  • Over Veterans Day weekend, bears obtained food garbage on three separate occasions from campsites.
  • Due to the large mast of acorns this fall along with a lack of precipitation, bears are expected to be active well into December, if not later.

Red Bear, Dead Bear

So far this year, 16 bears have been hit by vehicles along park roads. Officials ask the public to please help protect wildlife by obeying speed limits and being prepared to stop for animals on roads.

Fascinating Bear Fact

On average, adult female bears have home ranges between 2.5-10 square miles, whereas male ranges are typically 10-60 square miles. However, bears collared in Yosemite have been known to travel over a hundred miles away!

Please report bear incidents and sightings: Call the Save-A-Bear Hotline at 209-372-0322.

For more information about Yosemite’s Bears, please visit: www.Keepbearswild.org.

2018 Total Bear Incidents: 20
2018 Total Property Damage: $1,875

— C. Lee-Roney, NPS

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