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Tree Mortality Work In Madera County, Update Oct. 8

Written by Sarah Bolton –

MADERA COUNTY – Hello Madera County Residents! Welcome to the Tree Mortality Community Column #3. Our company, Blue Ridge Services (BRS), is partnering with Madera County to oversee and implement their tree mortality mitigation project.

As our teams are out cutting down trees along county roads, they may have to temporarily stop traffic. We do not permanently close roads for this project, but we may hold traffic while clearing a fallen tree or debris from the road.

Typically, drivers will not have to wait for longer than 10-15 minutes, but that is subject to change if our safety officers decide that they need to hold traffic longer due to safety risks.

In rare cases, a tree might not be falling the correct direction or may be more difficult to remove from the road. In those cases, we will hold traffic until it is completely safe to allow drivers through.

Our crews primarily work during the week, but we may occasionally work on the weekends. Typically, our crews are working during normal business hours.

While you are driving past our hard-working teams, please remember to slow down to get around the workers. They are dedicated to working safely and you can support their efforts by driving safely and slowly.

This week, we have teams wrapping up work on Roads 426 and 423. Crews are currently working on Roads 423 and 600, and we will begin work on Road 800 in the next week or two.

If you live in any of these areas and have questions about our crews, the overall project, or tree mortality in general, please reach out to us by phone 209-966-7777 or by emailing info@blueridgeservices.com.

For project updates, visit our dedicated webpage at https://blueridgeservices.com/maderatreemortality or our Facebook page.

We look forward to partnering with the community of Madera County to tackle this very important project.

-The BRS Team

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