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Travel Trailers Sought For Those Who Lost Homes In Camp Fire

NORTH FORK – With countless families in Paradise having lost their homes due to the tragic Camp Fire, one local woman is doing what she can to help.

North Fork resident Diane Mercado is working to provide temporary housing for those who are camping out and need a roof over their heads as winter approaches.

“The churches in Chico are trying desperately to take them all in, but they are running out of room,” says Diane. “There are people even sleeping in tents in the Walmart parking lot in Chico. They will be out of a home for many months–that’s provided they can even rebuild.”

With the situation dire for so many, Diane is organizing a caravan of travel trailers to head to the Paradise area and provide homes for those living in tents.

“I got a call last night from an elderly pastor who had heard about our upcoming caravan of donated trailers,” says Diane. “He was very humble and hesitant and his voice was breaking. He asked if we might have a spare, small trailer maybe big enough for one or two people.

“I told him we were waiting for more donations to come in and asked him if it was for him and his wife. He said, ‘yes, we lost our home in the fire and have been living in one of the Sunday school rooms of our church. We are just looking for something very small that we can put in the back of the church to sleep in and fix our meals.’ I told him that we would bring him a trailer – no matter what, he was going to receive a trailer on Saturday.”

Diane is looking for anyone who has a travel trailer they aren’t using, who would be willing to donate it as a home for someone who desperately needs it. Everyone will gather on Saturday morning (likely in Madera), Nov. 24, and caravan for the 4-hour drive to the Paradise area to deliver these temporary homes.

If you are willing to donate a trailer and caravan to the fire area, please contact Diane Mercado asap at 559-232-5961 or email her.

Calvary Chapel of the Sierra in North Fork is also participating and accepting donations to purchase trailers. Call Diane for more information.

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