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The Secret Life of Scarecrows

I just returned from Utah with an unexpected adventure full of scarecrows! Why were so many scarecrows congregated in one place? Some were resting under a tree and some were showing off in full sun. Some were scary scarecrows. Some were cute scarecrows and some were just plain silly scarecrows. Each scarecrow was definitely unique. Who knew that scarecrows were so artistic, sporting their best outfits for all to see?

These scarecrow held their annual conclave at Thanksgiving Point’s Ashton Gardens, 55 acres of gardens on beautiful grounds located in Lehi, Utah. They call it the Scarecrow Festival. I was blown away by the creativity and I didn’t even try to count the number of scarecrows visiting for the festival. Perhaps they will inspire you or maybe they will scare you! I think the best way to view this week’s blog is through a slideshow, clicking on any picture, then clicking on the arrows to move forward or back.










Thanksgiving Point Scarecrow Festival

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