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The History Mystery #24

This is a picture from the Coarsegold Historical Society. We know it was taken at the North Fork Indian Mission School. We need help with identifying the students in the picture and the date it was taken. Please respond in the comments section below, or contact the Museum directly if you have any information about this photograph.

Submitted by Karen Morris, Historian Coarsegold Historic Museum www.coarsegoldhistoricmuseum.org, 31899 Highway 41, Coarsegold, CA 559-642-4448.

Follow-Up on History Mystery 23 –

Thanks for the comment pertaining to Bass Lake as the probable location of the logging photo. We also appreciate the story about how Bass Lake received its name.

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  1. In comparing this photo with a photo we have here at the Library, “Presbyterian Indian Young Peoples Conference, 1938”, I can confirm that the man in the top row with a tie is Rev. Emil Schwab and the man in front with a white shirt facing the group is Rev. Alexander Hood. I believe the woman holding the accordion is Nettie Wynecoop and the older woman (4th from right)in the top row is Ellen Stiles. The woman in the bottom row, second from left is possibly a Mabel Hillis. I have an earlier picture than this of one of these conferences that has similiar looking children in it as well, but I haven’t been able to identify them yet. Good Luck!

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