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Take Madera County’s Fossils to Falls Four-Day Road Trip

Image of a wooly mammoth skeleton at the Fossil Discovery Center.

MADERA COUNTY — Enjoy the best of Madera County on the Fossils to Falls Trail, a four-day road trip! On your trip, collect the Welcoming Committee’s trading cards at ten destinations and discover the best attractions in Yosemite’s Southern Gateway. Participants can use their trading cards to enter the Yosemite Adventure Contest grand prize drawing. Day 1 Start your journey ...

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Recreate Responsibly With These Helpful Reminders

Image of a rainbow over El Capitan at Yosemite.

MOUNTAIN COMMUNITIES —  Mother Nature is the best form of therapy. The sound of roaring falls and smell of blooming wildflowers. The deafening silence of freshly fallen snow on the ground. Recreate Responsibly (PDF) Not Just Yosemite But ALL Outdoor Lands Although the main attraction is Yosemite National Park, the idea of recreating responsibly shouldn’t be applied only to the ...

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What to Expect When Traveling to Yosemite’s Horsetail Fall

Image of Horsetail Fall.

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK — The sight of a ribbon of “fire” off a cliffside is something you would imagine seeing in a Lord of the Rings film. And as such, the “legend” of the annual formation of the Horsetail Fall as Yosemite’s natural Firefall has become a global phenomenon. With that being said, here’s the scoop on Horsetail Fall.   For ...

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Eat, Drink & Be Merry in Madera County This Winter

Image of Yosemite in winter.

MADERA COUNTY — Welcome to Madera County, the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park. A fun-filled region of outdoor adventures, wine tasting, fishing, historic museums, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Bass Lake is a family vacation must, with something to entertain everyone. Discover fishing, hiking, biking trails, wakeboarding, kayaking, paddle boarding, camping, you name it! Whether you’re ...

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5 Once-In-A-Lifetime Honeymoon Destinations

Image of Iceland at night.

TRAVEL & RECREATION — Wedding season is in full swing as many lovebirds resume their wedding and honeymoon plans coming out of two years of pandemic restrictions. With an estimated 4.7 million weddings expected to take place in 2022 and 2023, according to The Wedding Report, newlyweds are eager to celebrate their special nuptials with once-in-a-lifetime trips. In fact, according ...

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Filmmaker Brian Hawkins Releases “Yosemite Moonbow”

Image of a moonbow at Yosemite National Park.

YOSEMITE — Filmmaker Brian Hawkins has recently released “Yosemite Moonbow,” a film about the lunar rainbows the form at night in the waterfalls of Yosemite National Park. Moonbows (aka as lunar rainbows), the fascinating nighttime rainbows that form under the light of the full moon in the enormous waterfalls of Yosemite National Park, were filmed for the first time ever ...

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Hiking up to Chilnuala Falls

Waterfall season is upon us and Chilnualna Falls is a beautiful hike to check out its 5 tiers of waterfalls. A good workout if you decide to go to the top of the falls, but the lower part of the falls is a dandy if you don’t want to go as far. . . or climb over, around or under ...

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Yosemite Valley Waterfalls and Reflections

Early morning road trip to check out Yosemite’s waterfalls and their reflections. When I say early, I mean really early! Where: Yosemite National ParkDistance: About 10 miles to drive my Yosemite Valley Loop, but you can also walk it or take the free shuttle to explore itDifficulty: EasyElevation Range: 3,888 to 4,129′Date: April 25, 2019 My friend Debbie was visiting ...

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Yosemite Valley Waterfalls & Dogwoods Are Revving Up!

Warm weather’s spring snow melt is fueling Yosemite’s waterfalls and I couldn’t resist a drive up to Yosemite Valley to check them out. And, what about those dogwoods? Were they blooming yet? Where: Yosemite National Park Distance: About 10 miles to drive my Yosemite Valley Loop, but you can also walk it or take the free shuttle to explore it ...

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