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Over the Garden Fence: Growing Support Close to Home

Image of a basket of fruits and vegetables.

By Michele Nowak-Sharkey, UC Master Gardener of Mariposa County The UC Master Gardener Program has been extending research-based information about home horticulture and pest management to the public since 1980. The UC Master Gardener Program is a public service and outreach program under the University of California  Agriculture and Natural Resources, administered locally by participating UC Cooperative Extension County offices. ...

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Over the Garden Fence: What Happened to My Tomatoes?

Image of green tomatoes growing on a vine.

By Helen Willoughby-Peck, UC Master Gardener of Mariposa Most home gardeners who grow tomatoes have experienced a problem or two caused by diseases or environmental factors which contribute to poor production, foliage damage or plant death. Here are a few of them that you might encounter this summer and possible solutions. Tomato Fruit Set Failure and Flower Drop You might ...

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Over the Garden Fence: Heritage Roses & Mariposa History

Image of a large assortment of various roses.

By UCCE Master Gardener, Christina Oborn. The just-concluded Coulterville Heritage Rose Tour in North County is a good time to remind us South County folks that we too have this tangible link to pioneer history. Mariposa County’s legacy roses have been found in abandoned homesteads, next to old miner’s cabins and ranch homes, on town historic home sites and empty ...

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Assistance Available for Mariposa County Storm Survivors

Image of a snow-covered forest in winter.

MARIPOSA COUNTY — A Disaster Recovery Center has opened at the Greeley Hill Community Center in Coulterville (see map below), where residents who were affected by the severe storms and flooding that began on February 21, 2023, can get information on disaster assistance. Those affected by the disaster can meet with recovery specialists face-to-face if they need help applying for Federal ...

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Over the Garden Fence: Something is Eating My Tomatoes!

Image of a tomato plant.

By Helen Willoughby-Peck, UC Master Gardener, Mariposa County Walking in your garden every day is good for you and good for your plants. Observing your plants on a regular basis helps control pests that may be enjoying your tomatoes before you can. When caught early they are usually easy to control without insecticides or other drastic action. You can get ...

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Over the Garden Fence: Using Conifers for Fire Restoration

Image of a conifer seedling growing up inside of a tree stump.

Ron Allen, UC Master Gardener, Mariposa County The Oak Fire (July 2022) devastated large parts of the ponderosa pine forest in the mountains east of Mariposa. Wooded landscapes on private properties and substantial areas of the adjoining Sierra National Forest were affected. This article explains how to plant conifer seedlings for post-fire forest restoration. The conifer plant materials for reforestation ...

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Over the Garden Fence: Spring Garden Daydreams

Image of a large assortment of vegetables.

By Michele Nowak-Sharkey, Master Gardener of Mariposa County In the winter months, more time is spent inside than outside when it comes to the garden. Although there are still things do such as pruning and mulching, the dreaming part of gardening is reserved for the colder, precipitation-filled days of the year. However, before being swayed to purchase dozens of seed ...

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New Sierra Tel Directory Showcases a Bit of Midpines History

Image of the Midpines Food and Gas Store.

MOUNTAIN COMMUNITIES — Sierra Tel, serving both Eastern Madera County and Mariposa County, announces that its 2023 telephone directory recounts the long history of Midpines Food and Gas. The directory story briefly recounts the times gone by of the 1926 Carstens building, located at the intersection of Carsten’s Road and Highway 140 in Midpines, that is now Midpines Food and ...

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Caltrans Traffic Advisory: Mariposa County

Image of the Caltrans logo.

MARIPOSA COUNTY – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will perform various operations next week on State Routes 49, 132 and 140.. State Route 49 One-way traffic control from Tiptop-Usona Road to Hirsch Road for tree work beginning Monday, October 10, through Friday, October 14, 2022, from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. State Route 132 One-way traffic control from the ...

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Over the Garden Fence: To Seed or Not to Seed?

Image of a child's hand holding a seedling.

By Tery Susman, UC Master Gardener of Mariposa County. Our human tendency is to fix what we perceive as a potential problem or as something “broken” or “untidy.” Our first thought is to reseed flowering plants and grasses on our fire scorched property to speed up vegetation establishment and soil stability, to fix what is “broken.” However, recent research has ...

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