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Smile For Coarsegold’s Free Dental Day

COARSEGOLD — It’s the season of gratitude and a smile is definitely something to be thankful for. Thus, the sixth annual Free Dental Day with Dr. Jacob Geyer is set for Saturday, Nov. 17 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Golden Hills Dental in Coarsegold.

Attendees will be seen on a first come, first served basis and will be able to receive either one cleaning, one filling, or one tooth extraction — free of charge. In some cases, it’s possible that more than one procedure will be offered, depending on the nature of the work, and the time available.

“We are excited to be able to offer this service to our community for the sixth straight year,” says Dr. Geyer. “It’s wonderful to see the impact that we are able to have on people’s lives through helping them with their dental care. We look forward to this day each year and as a staff we are grateful for the opportunity to serve.”

Everyone is welcome to attend, from age five to 95 and up. The office suggests that potential patients arrive early, as a large crowd is expected, based on past experience.

The all-volunteer day is intended to promote good health and good will in the mountain area. In previous years, kids played toss while waiting patiently outside the offices, while inside, the entire practice buzzed with activity.

In just one busy day of donated dentistry, the practice has seen more than 100 individuals and is estimated to have performed over $35,000 in free dental work. This is the second free dental day offered by Golden Hills this year. They do this because they love the community and they want to be able to give back in this way.

The office procedure rooms, called operatories, are in full swing on this day of free smiles. Not only is Dr. Geyer’s entire staff in attendance, others volunteer their time in order to help the number of people being taken care of in a single day.

Patients move around for their choice of procedure, whether cleaning, filling or extraction. Despite any discomfort involved, the mood tends to remain upbeat as patients grin through their gauze.

For good health throughout life, prevention is one hundred percent the key, notes Dr. Geyer, who encourages people to come in and see him, no matter how long it’s been. He reminds patients who may be facing down fears that pain avoidance is possible with modern techniques in dentistry. The doctors try to do what people need and see as many people as possible on free dental day. Many people don’t have insurance for dental care and so this is an opportunity to get it done, say organizers.

Everyone at Golden Hills Dental is looking forward to Saturday when they volunteer their services, gratis. They say it’s their favorite day.

Golden Hills Dental is located at 35344 Highway 41 in Coarsegold. Call (559) 683-8550 for more information or visit the website www.goldenhillsdental.net or Golden Hills Dental on Facebook.

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