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Open Open Open by Shannon Grissom

Shannon Grissom: Layering Vivid Color

GRISSOM GrissomOnTheSet

Shannon Grissom on the set

SHANNON GRISSOM – Sierra Art Trails 2015 Catalog # 6

I’m a newcomer to the Sierras. Before my arrival, most of my work was created with a brush. Recently, I’ve been greatly influenced by our magnificent rock formations. Now I’m creating highly sculptural palette-knife pieces, unified by layers of vibrant color.

I originally expressed my creative self through music. Moved to combine my musical affinity with my passion for color, I began oil painting in 1992.

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GRISSOM PrayForRainGrissomSm

Pray for Rain by Shannon Grissom

Inspired and driven, I rose early each day to paint. These painting sessions were completed before the start of my workday. This demanding schedule was worth the effort. By 1999, I was able to leave my day job and began doing my art as a full-time business.

Today, I’m an award-winning artist, television producer and author. My work is collected globally. Paintings have a life of their own. When people encounter my work and they feel embraced by the art, I know I have created a successful painting.

GRISSOM PrivateLabel_Grissom

Private Label by Shannon Grissom

I have recently come full circle and am working on my third music CD.

As for my painting, I’m currently working on a palette knife series. The brushwork is fairly quiet and has very little tactile texture. The palette knife work, that’s another story.

It is so thick, it’s sculptural. Both types of paintings are created with numerous layers of vibrant color…. kind of like baklava! The unifying factor in both techniques is my layering of vivid color.

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