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Rescue Dog Leaves Paw Prints On Family’s Hearts

We received this wonderful story from the EMC SPCA, written by Katharine Napier-Janz, about the special dog they adopted several years ago. It’s a great testimonial to the important work done by this organization, finding forever homes for pets in need of a family to love.

Jericho at ChristmasI want to update you on Jericho, a pup I rescued from you in 2009. I figure it’s nice to hear about past rescues and success stories.

I knew I wanted a Queensland healer mix, so when I saw him on your website I knew I should set up a meeting. That was in November 2009 and I’m very glad to report that he is doing well and loving life!

When I first got him, he was a bit wild and mostly untrained. When I first brought him back to my mom’s house in North Fork, he instantly took to exploring the four acres she owns. He seemed to get along well with our other dog, Darcy, and he didn’t have a habit of taking off (though he did wander a couple times, it wasn’t a huge worry that he would do it all the time). Nonetheless, we built a nice big fence for him just in case because there’s nothing scarier than your dog wandering off.

Jericho on a mountain bike adventureOver time and with a little formal training, Jericho became a well-behaved dog. He instantly fell in love with my then-boyfriend, now husband. I know he loves me, but they have a very special bond indeed.

Over the years, he’s gone on dozens of camping trips, run many, many miles alongside the mountain bikes, kayaked, backpacked the High Sierra, and has endured many hours in the car between California, Colorado, Washington and Montana.

Though we no longer live in California, I am forever thankful to EMC SPCA for their devotion to animals. Jericho has certainly found his forever home and will forever leave his paw print on our hearts.

Jericho nappingHe now enjoys life in Washington with his new buddy, Edie (also a rescue) and periodic visits from big sister Darcy.

Thank you for connecting us with this joy in our lives!

Katharine Napier-Janz

Note from the EMC SPCA: This is why we do what we do….thanks for supporting us in this effort! Be sure to look at all of the flags on the shelter property in Ahwahnee, across from the school…..grading is out to bid, site is flagged, we are ready to GO!!

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