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Record Turnout For My*Tri Bass Lake

my-tri-2016-photo-1-annie-starkey-photographyBASS LAKE — The 4th annual My*Tri at Bass Lake was a huge success this year as the event that’s all about youth fun and family fitness drew more than 40 community sponsors, over 85 volunteers, and a record-breaking number of enthusiastic participants.

My*Try is hosted by Miller’s Landing Resort at Bass Lake, and sponsored by the Children’s Educational Foundation. The swim-bike-run took place on Saturday, Sept. 10.

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“The 4th annual MyTri is in the books and what a perfect day it was,” say organizers at Miller’s Landing.

my-tri-2016-photo-5-annie-starkey-photography“From the National Anthem sung beautifully to the last racer crossing the finish line, the smiling faces on the athletes and supports alike made the day super special! We couldn’t be more grateful for our volunteers and community sponsors that make this event possible.”

My*Tri Results 2016

My*Tri Bass Lake

About My*Tri, from the organizers:

MY*Tri was created four years ago as a vision of a day that was geared just for our kids. After participating in the Bass Lake Tri and experiencing the number of kids that cheered their parents on and held up signs of encouragement (My Dad is Awesome!, You Can Do It, My Mom Rocks!, etc), we knew we had to create something like it for our kids.

my-tri-2016-photo-6-annie-starkey-photographyWe envisioned a day of outdoor fun where we celebrated not only the beautiful place that we are blessed to live in, but the strength and perseverance of our mountain area kids. We designed each course (Dash, Sprint and Ace) to accommodate any and all levels of athletes.

By allowing floatation devices on the swim and training wheels on the bike, we have our youngest athletes out on the Dash course with big smiles on their faces.

The Sprint course is designed for those kids who want more of a challenge and the Ace course accommodates the super athletes in our community.

my-tri-2016-photo-7-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-8-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-9-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-10-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-11-lead-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-12-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-13-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-14-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-15-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-16-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-17-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-18-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-19-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-20-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-21-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-22-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-23-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-24-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-25-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-26-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-27-lede-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-28-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-29-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-30-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-31-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-32-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-33-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-34-annie-starkey-photography  my-tri-2016-photo-35-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-36-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-37-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-38-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-39-annie-starkey-photography my-tri-2016-photo-40-annie-starkey-photography

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