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Quaint Color for Autumn In Flea Market Garden

The addition of blue in the traditional warm Fall color scheme makes this chicken coop dazzle and delight! Dandi Gentry made her chickens the stars of this colorful little scene and the focal point is her stunning stained glass window of a rooster.  She stuck with French and Cobalt blues, orange and buttery yellow with a tiny bit of pink.

Dandi's riot of Fall color


Dandi's chicken coop decorated for Fall!

Have on hand:

  • Wheel barrow or galvanized trough for the ‘anchor.
  • Galvanized tubs, watering cans and buckets
  • Background of shed, fence or wall,…or front door!
  • Chicken figurines or your favorite accent to create a theme
  • Old shovel heads or saw blades, something you can paint!

Shop for:

Pumpkins, orange, white and mini, Straw, Raffia, spray paint and craft paint, waterproof sealer, fresh mums, gourds

Dandi Gentry Happy Fall scene

A pumpkin appears to spill out of a bucket over top of a galvanized tub of Chrysanthemum.

Festive oil can Jack-o-Lantern

To make the oil can Jack-o-Lantern, make paper stencils of the pumpkin face. Use sharpie to trace the shapes in place on the can. Have a welder cut out the shapes. Let rust… of course!

Lucky chickens live here at Dandi's place


Color,...it's how you put things together


How To: Rusty shovel painting

“Fall project, painted my old broken shovel heads!” Dandy tells us.

A faux rusty shovel makes a good 'canvas'

Dandy says, “So I may have seriously gone crazy! Its 10pm on a Saturday night, and what am I doing?!? Digging under the porch with a flashlight, trying to find some old shovel heads!!

It all started out innocent enough….a quiet evening looking at Pinterest but then I had to have an idea! So here I am…. quietly contemplating my sanity as I paint my shovel orange!”

A mixture of paint makes 'rust'

“I just made a little rusty picture,” Dandy says, “to add to the pumpkins and hay bales by painting on the shovel head. I patterned them after how people use them for jack-o-lantern faces.”

Dandi's clever and easy design

Tips and tricks

Tricolor Mums, a great trick!

Do Dandi’s chickens like their decorated den?  I think so!

Who can sleep? Turn out the light!

More about Dandi’s Rooster stained glass window:

Glass on glass is the easiest ‘stained glass’ you can do!  We use an existing recycled window, cleaned well, and stick the pieces on with GE II Silicone for Exterior windows,…in clear. 

Dandi Gentry's Glass on glass rooster mosaic

You still need to be a bit skilled in order to cut the glass, but the rest is just design and color,..and fun! Dandi etered this mosaic in FMG’s January Challenge.  To us, it looks like a vivid oil painting!

Dandi Gentry's January project progress

Find more interesting ideas for your garden at www.fleamarketgardening.org

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