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Public Coffee House Serves Free Meals To Homeless And Elderly

NORTH FORK – Public Coffee House in North Fork is working toward becoming a community outreach and youth center.

Starting on Oct. 26 and 27, and every last Friday and Saturday of the month, PCH will be holding an end-of-month Free Feeding Program for the homeless of the mountain area and the elderly who are alone; but all are welcome to come and join the meals with a donation to keep this program going.

Friday night, Oct. 26, at 5 p.m., PCH will be serving a spaghetti dinner. Saturday morning at 8 a.m. they will be serving a breakfast of pancakes and eggs.

“I have been noticing so many homeless elderly people just roaming the streets and they come in asking for prayer and help and it has been pressed in my heart to help them,” says PCH manager Cassandra Hepburn-Callis. “I have been praying about it and talking to one of my board members Doug Waltner about how something needs to be done to help them.

Cassandra says that Sarah McIntyre came by Public Coffee House and told her that she had noticed a lot more homelessness in North Fork.

“Sarah says they are asking her for help at the library because their EBT has run out and they are left with no food for 12 to 15 days towards the end of the month without being able to purchase food. So we agreed to do hold a feeding program at Public Coffee House every last Friday and Saturday of each month so they can be helped.”

Cassandra is encouraged that Becky Cairns and the kids at Mountain Oaks want to do an outreach for the poor, and that the students want to come and help serve meals.

PCH will also be asking for toiletry donations so that they can give these as gift bags to the poor of the mountain area.

If you know of other organizations or individuals who would like to help with donations and partner with PCH, please have them contact Cassandra Hepburn-Callis at 310-498-1143 or PCH at 559-877-4279.

Cassandra says her ultimate goal is to find a lot and build tiny homes for the homeless (specifically elderly homeless), “so that they are not stuck sleeping in the forest with makeshift tents. But still praying about that and looking for someone to help financially.”

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  1. This is wonderful as well as heartwarming — and needed. Nothing but praise here; however, in the meantime, lovely little cabins are shuttled to Tenaya as playthings for the rich and affluent. The irony . . .

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