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Playing Football During COVID

by Caden Shows, Student Journalist with Minarets Press

Because of COVID-19, high school sports programs across the state have had their seasons either canceled or postponed. Both parents and athletes wonder what this means for Minarets. Head varsity football coach Pat Lynch, however, already has a plan in place to approach the season as optimistically, and as realistically, as possible.

According to Lynch, practice will begin Oct. 15 with the season to begin on Dec. 9, 2020. The first football game is to be played at Sierra High School on January 8, 2021, which will be part of the ten-game season with additional playoff games.

Lynch stressed how important it was that the team has a safe, COVID-free season as this will determine how the rest of the year unfolds for the program and for other sports at Minarets. If the virus spreads rampantly through the football team, then it is likely that no other sports will be allowed to play.

Lynch explained that the program has purchased face shields for all the players to wear under their helmets. Players will also be asked to constantly keep clean with hand washing, wear a mask, and limit how much they interact with other teammates and players. Additionally, athletes will work out in small groups during practice. Lynch said there has been no discussion on players and coaches being tested for COVID prior to the games but said they will more than likely have temperature checks and screening questions.

As for having fans in the stands, Lynch stated it was too soon to know. If fans are allowed, it still needs to be determined whether the stands can be at full capacity or limited to a certain amount of attendees. If no fans are allowed to attend, then the program is pursuing the idea of broadcasting the games online.

While there are still details to be worked, both coaches and players are excited to start practice and preparing for the upcoming season.

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