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Oak Fire And PG&E’s Recycled Dirt Program

MARIPOSAPacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is currently in the process of implementing The Recycled Dirt Program in the Oak Fire burn scar. The program is a new PG&E community service that provides non-hazardous excavation dirt to recipients located nearby our service centers. The soil comes from the excavation of our construction projects.

PG&E is committed to reducing energy, water and waste in our facilities and incorporating more sustainable practices throughout our operations. We continue to take responsibility for how our operations have affected the environment in the past.

For this project, PG&E will be offering unscreened soil to recipients in or around (within 20 miles) the Oak Fire burn scar area. The soil is always tested in a laboratory and reviewed by a chemist to ensure the threshold meets safe nonhazardous standards.
It is important to mention that soil may contain rocks, debris, vegetation, and other materials, but it is still suitable fill dirt.

PG&E provides the free soil and also free transportation to your site. The recycled soil is delivered in 10 to 20 (or more) cubic yard increments to your project. PG&E also does a site visit to determine safety and exact dumping locations.

There is often a waiting list and PG&E encourages anyone who is interested to contact them right away.

For more information about our recycled dirt program, call Building & Operations 1-877-743-7782, option 6. Or email RecycledDirtProgram@pge.com. Or if you are ready to request free dirt, visit the Recycled Dirt Request Form

or contact

Shawna Teague
Construction Manager
GC Spoils Management, Recycled Dirt Program
925-496-1127 (c)

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