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OACC: New Director, New Directions

OAKHURST—There’s a new face at the Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce. The public met Adam Olivares for the first time on Thursday, January 25, at the annual Member Appreciation and Installation Dinner.

New Executive Director

After years of office closures, part-time staff and other challenges, the chamber now has a full-time Executive Director. Adam’s regular office hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Telephone him at 559-683-7766 or email him at Chamber@OakhurstChamber.com.

New Offices

OACC office now located at Oakhurst Community Center

OACC also boasts new office space at the Oakhurst Community Center. Both organizations share a  common goal:  to consolidate services into one central location. Adam spent his first day on the job unpacking multitudes of boxes brought from the chamber’s former location. After five days of work, he’s now pretty well organized and ready to tackle the challenge head-on.

Alaska Roots

Adam Olivares may be new to the chamber, but he’s not new to small towns. He grew up—from third grade through high school—in the tiny fishing village of Ninilchik, Alaska. Subsequently he and his family moved to the lower 48, where he eventually met wife Shiloh. He and his family relocated to Coarsegold  about five years ago from Fresno. He says the move gave him a feeling of going back to his roots.

As Adam continued to commute to Fresno, Shiloh landed a position as venue manager for the Lodge at Two Moons. Adam determined to find employment “up the hill,” as well.

Until his acceptance of the chamber job, Adam continued to commute to Fresno. On weekends he and Shiloh would find themselves exploring the mountain area’s different towns. Sometimes they’d discover new businesses, restaurants with owners who knew customers by name, small shops that reflect the flavor of the area. He loved what he saw and what he felt..

Restaurant Industry Background

Asked what qualified him for the Executive Director position, Adam stated, “I spent about 30 years navigating many different roles within the restaurant industry. I came to realize that the reason I loved that industry so much was because I have a passion for serving people and building relationships. I believe these same passions can  help facilitate vitality in our business community. But it’s also my small-town roots and love for this area that will help me keep the priority of staying focused on preserving the unique qualities of our mountain communities while in pursuit of the area’s economic growth.”

Determined to change directions from his restaurant industry vendor role, Adam saw the chamber position listing online and decided to apply. He found it hard to hide his excitement as he saw the possibility of his own mountain employment connection when asked to interview.

“At our first Oakhurst Christmas Tree Lighting, I knew I was home,” Adam stated.

Family and Faith

Shiloh and Adam Olivares

Adam and Shiloh have been married about 27 years. In addition  Adam’s family consists of three grown children, Daylin, 23, and Quinton and Kailey, 21 (yes, twins). Daylin married two years ago to husband Payton and just “promoted” Adam and Shiloh to Nan and Paw, with the birth of granddaughter Emerson.

His faith is at the core of his life and his marriage. Adam and Shiloh spend time at their church leading a pre-marriage ministry. They help couples take a deep look at their relationship and potential union. He also enjoys figuring ways to execute the home-improvement projects that Shiloh uncovers for him. In addition, he’s started doing some voice acting in his home studio.

Chamber Goals

As to goals for the chamber, his first Executive Director mission is to increase the number of people who want to be a part of the chamber team.  He wants to build the trust of the business community. . . by listening and learning, by working with each one of them to find the part of being a member that is valuable to them.

“Another goal,” Adam says, “is to help bring awareness to people passing through our area of all the amazing things these mountain towns have to offer!”

Photos by Carrie Jenkins Photography, Judi Hussain and Oakhurst Community Center




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