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New Businesses, New Projects At North Fork Mill Site

NORTH FORK – The annual meeting of the North Fork Community Development Council (CDC) on Mar. 26, highlighted some of the exciting things happening at the Old Mill Site as new businesses move in and infrastructure continues to expand.

The focus of the CDC at the Mill Site is creating jobs, housing, green space and community areas. In the greater North Fork community, they are putting their efforts toward public services, community redevelopment and downtown revitalization.

Over the past year, Billy Goat Construction and Kimber Mills and Wood Products have stepped up as new tenants on the site. Billy Goat Construction will be moving into the building known as the old “grease shed,” and Kimber Mills and Wood Products will take up residence in what used to be the mill’s tire shop.

Kimber projects an eight year supply of wood in the area, and expects to employ five people in phase one, ramping up to hiring 15-20 people over the next few years.

The CDC is nearing the close of escrow on the sale of three more parcels, including the sale to Crossroads Lumber of the parcel adjacent to their current facility.

The CDC continues work on infrastructure projects such as repairs to the well, extension of roads and water system, improvements to the storm drainage system, and a sewage treatment system.

The North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians has completed a third building on the site — a 3,500 sq. ft. Housing Services facility. They have also secured a grant for a 211,000 gallon water tank, and are considering the purchase of a fourth parcel.

Work on the Bioenergy plant is moving forward. The foundation has been laid and equipment is en route, as the CDC continues discussions with possible investors. The plant is expected to create 10-12 full-time jobs when it’s complete.

CDC Office tenants/partners include:

• Yosemite Sequoia RC&D
• Elissa Brown – Grant writer
• Mono Rancheria Tribal Council
• Arrowhead Realty
• Marij Bouwmans – Counselor
• Cascadel Woods Homeowners’ Association
• Ryan Schulte
• The Community Art Gallery is using the CDC Board Room
• Community organizations regularly use the CDC Board Room

Mill Site tenants/partners include:

• Crossroads Recycled Lumber
• North Fork Fire Station
• North Fork Mono Rancheria TANF
• North Fork Mono Rancheria Transportation Training Center
• Garay Industries / Kimber Mills and Wood Products
• Billy Goat Construction
• All Right Recycling

CDC Member Organizations:

• NF Chamber of Commerce
• NF Fire Department Auxiliary
• NF Mono Rancheria
• NF Women’s Club
• NF Boosters
• Chawanakee School District
• At-Large Board Members

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