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More Fires In North Fork And Coarsegold Tonight

NORTH FORK — Just minutes after the Rancheria Cal Fire engines were released from the Lark Fire on Road 225, another vegetation fire was reported, this one on Road 221 just north of the stop sign at Road 223.

The first engine at scene reported it at about a 50 x 50 spot, burning on the east side of the road. It was quickly contained.

Just minutes later, another fire was reported a short distance away, and within 10 minutes, a total of six were spotted along the roadway.

Firefighters inbound were told to watch for a vehicle dragging a chain or any vehicle that may have sparked the fires.

415 Fire in Coarsegold – photo by Monica Wilson

At 8:05 p.m., another start was reported at 45973 Road 415 just past the Oak Creek Senior Park in Coarsegold, burning underneath a power pole near Texas Flat Mine Road.

Resources en route to the North Fork fires were diverted to the new start in Coarsegold.

First unit at scene reported three acres of grass and heavy brush with two structures immediately threatened.

Sheriff’s deputies are starting to make evacuation notifications at the senior park.

One witness reported hearing a loud boom in the area before the fire started.

Power lines are down, threatening residents and firefighters.

At 8:30 p.m., resources not already at scene were cancelled except one dozer and one Mt. Bullion ground crew.

At 8:43 p.m., the incident commander said there would be a lot of heavy mop-up, and crews would “be here for awhile.”

At 8:56 p.m., the fire was reported contained, with 2-3 hours for mop-up. Engines are being made available to respond from the incident as needed.

We will update as new information comes in.

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