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Memorial Day Weekend CHP Saturation Enforcement

“Drive and Stay Alive Central Valley” Memorial Day Weekend Saturation Enforcement State Route 41 and State Route 46

The mission of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is to provide the highest level of Safety, Service and Security. We achieve success in saving lives as a Department, through education, enforcement, engineering and through the support and compliance of the motoring public.

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Speeding, distracted driving and driving under the influence are some of the most common primary collision factors in our fatal and serious injury collisions. In 2021, the CHP has investigated 124 fatal collisions in the Central Valley. From 2020, this is an increase of 21.7%. Of those 124 fatalities, 48 lost their lives because they failed to properly restrain themselves. There is a direct correlation between the survivability of a traffic collision and complying with safety restraint laws.

Earlier this year, to address the significant increase in fatalities here in the Central Valley, we began a new campaign of, “Drive and Stay Alive Central Valley.”

This Memorial Day weekend, the California Highway Patrol will be conducting a “Maximum Enforcement Period” though-out the entire State.

Locally, we will be conducting saturation enforcement, with zero tolerance, along State Route 41 from Yosemite to Atascadero, as well as State Route 46 from Paso Robles to Famoso. This will be accomplished by partnering with neighboring CHP areas along the Central Coast.

We will also be partnering with the Fresno Police Department, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department, and the Madera County Sheriff Department.

To ensure the success of this campaign, we will utilize all available assets including motorcycle and aerial units to deploy Special Enforcement Units and Commercial Strike Forces.

Once again, our goal is for everyone to Drive and Stay Alive. Together, we can achieve this by not drinking and driving, not driving while distracted and using proper safety restraints. We will be doing our part this holiday weekend; we ask you to do yours.

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