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Measure N to Fund New John C. Fremont Hospital

MARIPOSA – On Nov. 3, 2020, Mariposa County residents will vote on Measure N, a ballot measure that will keep Mariposa County’s only hospital open to provide local access to advanced, life-saving medical care for victims of accidents, heart attacks, strokes and other medical emergencies.

The need for a new hospital is based on changes in California’s seismic safety standards. Major earthquakes have caused many California hospitals to suffer significant damage, forcing them to suspend some or all services. In response, the state legislature approved Senate Bill 1953 requiring every California hospital to meet stringent seismic safety standards or risk closure. The existing hospital does not meet these standards.

Measure N will provide the funds needed to upgrade the facilities by building a new, seismically safe hospital next to the existing one. Measure N is a 1% countywide sales tax that the John C. Fremont Healthcare District will use to:
• Ensure that the hospital and its emergency room stay open and fully operational to provide essential medical care 24×7
• Expand and modernize the emergency room to reduce wait times, create space for large diagnostic equipment and otherwise improve patient care
• Replace outdated medical equipment with modern, state-of-the-art technology, including both diagnostic and support equipment, to meet the operating needs of the hospital
• Build facilities essential to attracting and retaining the highly qualified medical professionals needed to serve Mariposa County residents and visitors

With a new, modern hospital, made possible with the passage of Measure N, the community will continue to be served with life-saving emergency services and other essential medical care locally for generations to come.

Beth Tomsick, a member of Mariposans for a Healthier Future, says, “My husband and I have lived in Mariposa County for 50 years and have used John C. Fremont Hospital’s labs, emergency care, and other diagnostic services during that time. We will vote Yes on Measure N to keep these medical services available and hope the Mariposa voters who read this will too.”

More information about Measure N is available at www.YesOnMeasureN.org

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