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Mark Reed Wants Your Vote for District 5 Supervisor

Mark Reed and Family

OAKHURST–Mark Reed, candidate for District 5 Madera County Supervisor, says his ties go back five decades in Madera County. He, his wife Nina, his three children and his eleven grandchildren all currently live in Oakhurst. He feels a real connection with the area and is committed to serve its citizens. He owns properties in four California counties, including Madera County, and business interests in two states and currently conducts business in three counties.

“We have a serious problem with drug use, crime, homelessness and mental health issues in our communities,” Mark says. “We need to support law enforcement, the safety of our families and address our roads, infrastructure and water needs. We also need more activities for families and children in our communities.”

Asked what he sees as his biggest contribution to District 5, should he be elected, Mark says he will bring accountability and integrity to the office, along with fighting for the rights of working-class people.

He believes it is time to protect our mountain way of life and secure our communities, and he says that can only be done if residents take control of their own destiny. He does not support the proposed “Special Service Districts” to solve existing and future issues. He states, “this strategy will only add new layers of bureaucracy and increase taxes.”

Tom McClintock with Mark Reed

Reed cites decades of business experience, going back to the age of 18 when he started in business management. He bought his first company at 26, opened a retail store at 28, sold these companies and bought another at 31. He has constructed several houses and managed his ranch.

For 15 years he served as a national representative for American Indians dealing with government issues. Elected to the board of directors of the Screen Actors Guild and KCET, he was the first freshman board member of SAG to be appointed to the finance committee in its 75-year history.

He has testified on four occasions before the Federal Communications Commission with respect to vertical integration and consolidation of our media. In further work in the media industry, he initiated a successful radio podcast called “The Voice of Reason,” during which he and guests discussed political issues exemplifying how two politically diverse hosts could engage in civil conversations to find solutions to national problems.

“My dad taught me about responsibility, and my mom taught me about charity and giving back to others,” Mark replied, when asked about his role models. “Together, they taught me about commitment and love that can get you through tough times. My parents celebrated their seventy-second wedding anniversary before entering heaven within months of each other.

Mark and Nina Reed

It’s pretty obvious another role model exists in Mark’s life also. He says he met wife Nina when he was eleven, gave her a promise ring at 16 and married her at 21. They now have three adult children and eleven grandchildren. “My life has been dedicated to faith, family, community and job creation.”

Mark defines the job of a county supervisory as a business administrator who needs tested business experience and the ability to bring people working together for common goals. “I have fought for the rights of the working class and their families for decades and will continue that fight. I will also fight to protect our quality of life in the mountains and the safety of our communities. I have discovered that when people work together, there isn’t anything that can’t be fixed or corrected.

A family-centered man, Mark says his community activities will remain engaged and focused on his eleven grandchildren for the foreseeable future.

Learn more about Mark Reed at http://supervisormarkreed.com/ or on his Facebook page.

Mark numbers among his supporters Congressman Tom McClintock, Mark Sobel, Susan O’Connor, Bruce Boe, as well as Michael Reagan, son of President Ronald Reagan.

Photos courtesy of Mark Reed.


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