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A big thanks goes out to all the various organizations who have supported the EMCSPCA!

Local Organizations Donate to EMCSPCA

OAKHURST — As the long-awaited Eastern Madera County SPCA animal shelter slides ever closer to opening its doors to furry residents, three local entities recently dedicated sizeable donations to further the vision.

Eastern Madera County Bar Association

Bill McPike as Santa Claus

The Eastern Madera County Bar Association, established approximately 30 years ago, recently decided to disband due to dwindling membership and the difficulty of holding meetings during the COVID-19 challenged months of 2020 and 2021.

Originally an organization for attorneys and judges based in the Madera County area, the group met the last Tuesday of the month for decades. They enjoyed many speakers including now County Administrator Jay Varney and District 5 Supervisor Tom Wheeler, as well as local judges, attorneys and others affiliated with the legal profession. During their many years of operation one of the group’s biggest contributions was their donation of time and expertise to mock trials put on by school districts, set up with prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges, as in real court cases.

Bill McPike (right) with Bob Herer. Photos courtesy of Bill McPike.

When the association took a vote to cease operations, they had a sizeable sum of money in their treasury that needed to find a home.  President Bill McPike and treasurer Antonio Garcia and the remaining members of the organization decided to donate the remaining funds of $2,976.80 to the Eastern Madera County SPCA. The funds were transferred on February 1, 2022, and the Bar Association’s bank account was closed.


Oakhurst Woodcarvers Rendezvous

Larry Smith, left, of Oakhurst Woodcarvers’ Rendevous, $1,275 check to Lyle Swanson of EMCSPCA. Photo courtesy of Larry Smith.

Oakhurst Woodcarvers Rendezvous does much more than hold its annual gathering each April (with a pass for 2020 and 2021 due to Covid). They also contribute to the community using their unique skills. The Oakhurst Woodcarvers, a part of the Central Sierra Woodcarvers, determined that they wanted to build a Christmas tree to auction off at the annual Oakhurst Community Christmas Tree Auction. Although the auction serves as a primary fundraiser for the Oakhurst Boys and Girls Club, other non-profits benefit, as well. In this case, Eastern Madera County SPCA became the beneficiary of the proceeds, to the tune of $1,275.


Woodcarvers’ donation to Oakhurst Community Tree Auction in 2021. Photo courtesy of Tree Auction Committee.

The tree, a tabletop design, stands four feet tall. The Woodcarvers adorned the tree with handmade ornaments. Carvers create their own designs. This project requires about four months to complete. The winner enjoys it for a lifetime. Unlike cut live trees, this one can last forever.

The 13th Annual Oakhurst Woodcarvers’ Rendezvous takes place from April 3 through April 9 at the Oakhurst Community Center. Enter free to observe the carvers. If your hands itch to pick up a knife or chisel, the event charges a small fee for classes. For more information about the event, contact Larry Smith at 559-906-4198, email woodtat@icloud.com or Jack Parks at jackaparks@aol.com. Jack may also be reached at 562-425-0732.

The Pines Resort

Laura Darling of The Pines Resort presents $1,550 check to Jeannette Hanneman, manager of the EMCSPCA shelter. Photo courtesy of EMCSPCA.

The Pines Resort, which coincidentally hosts the annual Oakhurst Community Christmas Tree Auction, does its part in supporting animal causes. They provide chalet stays for visitors who can’t leave home without their pets. As a result, they donated $5.00 from each “Pet Stay Package” from July through December 2021. That netted EMCSPCA a donation of $1,550.00.

The Pines Resort guests love visiting with their pets, and EMCSPCA is grateful that they have chosen to support the EMCSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center with this donation!



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